Other Words for Subjection

Subjection Adjective Synonyms: subordination, domination, conquest, subjugation, enslavement, enthralment, humbling, humiliation

Other Words for Subjective

Subjective Verb Synonyms: nominative
Subjective Adjective Synonyms: personal, individual, idiosyncratic, prejudiced, biased

Other Words for Subjugate

Subjugate Noun Synonyms: dominate, enslave, enthral, crush, humble, subject, oppress, suppress, put down, tyrannize, subdue, reduce, quell, overcome, overpower, make subservient or submissive, humble, humiliate

Other Words for Sublimate

Sublimate Adjective Synonyms: transmute, alter, transform, channel, divert

Other Words for Sublime

Sublime Noun Synonyms: awesome, overwhelming, inspiring, mind-boggling, overpowering, humbling, awe-inspiring, majestic, splendid, empyrean
Sublime Adjective Synonyms: lofty, high, supreme, exalted, elevated, empyrean or empyreal, heavenly, noble, glorious, grand, high-minded, honourable, ennobled, eminent, glorified, beatified, canonized, sanctified, great, good

Other Words for Subliminal

Subliminal Verb Synonyms: subconscious, unconscious, suggestive

Other Words for Submerge

Submerge Verb Synonyms: plunge, submerse, immerse, inundate, dip, wash, soak, drench, saturate, wet, douse, dunk
Submerge Adjective Synonyms: dive, plunge, go down, descend, sink, sound, plummet

Other Words for Submission

Submission Verb Synonyms: submittal, offering, tender, contribution, entry
Submission Adjective Synonyms: concession, acquiescence, capitulation, surrender, yielding, deference, giving in, obedience, compliance, resignation, submissiveness, tractability, meekness, docility, passivity, timidity, unassertiveness

Other Words for Submissive

Submissive Verb Synonyms: yielding, acquiescent, deferential, compliant, obedient, tractable, amenable, agreeable, accommodating, passive, unresisting, pliant, flexible, manageable, unassertive, docile, meek, timid, resigned, uncomplaining

Other Words for Submit

Submit Noun Synonyms: offer, proffer, tender, enter, propose, present

Other Words for Submit To

Submit To Noun Synonyms: surrender (to), yield (to), capitulate (to), give in or up (to), comply (with), agree (to), concede (to), consent (to), accede (to), defer (to), bow or bend (to), succumb (to), truckle (to), knuckle under (to), resign (oneself) (to), be

Other Words for Subordinate

Subordinate Adjective Synonyms: assistant, aide, junior, subaltern, staff member, underling, hireling, inferior, lackey, servant, slave, vassal, staffer
Subordinate Verb Synonyms: make (something) secondary

Other Words for Subordinate To

Subordinate To Adjective Synonyms: minor, inferior (to), lower (than), lesser (than), secondary (to), second (to), junior (to), subsidiary (to), next to, below, beneath, under

Other Words for Subscribe

Subscribe Adjective Synonyms: contribute (to), support, give (to), donate (to), pledge, promise, sign (up) (for), chip in (to or for)
Subscribe Verb Synonyms: endorse, support, underwrite, advocate, back (up), approve (of), agree (with or to), accept, consent (to), assent (to), countenance, tolerate, condone, allow, permit, brook

Other Words for Subscription

Subscription Noun Synonyms: payment, remittance, investment, commitment, dues, fee, price, cost
Subscription Verb Synonyms: obligation, pledge, promise, underwriting

Other Words for Subsequent

Subsequent Verb Synonyms: succeeding, following, ensuing, next, future, later, successive, resultant, resulting, consequent

Other Words for Subsequently

Subsequently Noun Synonyms: later (on), afterwards or also afterward

Other Words for Subside

Subside Adjective Synonyms: abate, quiet(en) (down), calm (down), moderate, let up, decrease, diminish, lessen, die (down or off or out), pass (away), wear off
Subside Noun Synonyms: sink (down), drop (down), go down, recede, descend, decline, lower, settle

Other Words for Subsidiary

Subsidiary Preposition Synonyms: ancillary (to), secondary (to), auxiliary (to), lesser (than), additional (to), supplementary or supplemental (to), complementary (to), accessory (to), subordinate (to), adjuvant (to)

Other Words for Subsidize

Subsidize Adverb Synonyms: fund, finance, support, aid, sponsor, subvene, maintain, underwrite, capitalize, bankroll

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