Other Words for Scattering

Scattering Verb Synonyms: smattering, sprinkling, trifle, bit, suggestion, hint

Other Words for Scenario

Scenario Verb Synonyms: (master or ground or floor) plan, (grand) scheme, plot, schema, design, outline, layout, framework, structure, sequence of events, routine
Scenario Noun Synonyms: (plot) summary, , , synopsis, (working or shooting) script, screenplay

Other Words for Scene

Scene Noun Synonyms: location, site, place, area, locale, spot, locality, whereabouts, sphere, milieu, backdrop, background

Other Words for Scenic

Scenic Noun Synonyms: picturesque, panoramic, pretty, beautiful, grand, awesome, awe-inspiring, impressive, striking, spectacular, breathtaking

Other Words for Scent

Scent Adjective Synonyms: perceive, detect, find out, determine, discern, distinguish, recognize, sense, smell, sniff (out), get wind of, learn or hear about
Scent Noun Synonyms: fragrance, aroma, perfume, redolence, smell, odor, bouquet, whiff, trace

Other Words for Schedule

Schedule Noun Synonyms: programme, timetable, plan, calendar, agenda, outline, list, listing, record, register
Schedule Adjective Synonyms: programme, organize, plan, outline, list, record, register, arrange, book, time, slate, appoint, assign, allot, dedicate, earmark

Other Words for Schematic

Schematic Noun Synonyms: diagrammatic(al), representational, graphic, charted

Other Words for Scheme

Scheme Adjective Synonyms: pattern, arrangement, layout, design, diagram, blueprint, chart, map, drawing, schematic, disposition, order, organization, schema
Scheme Noun Synonyms: plot, plan, ploy, maneuver, strategy, stratagem, tactic, machination, subterfuge, trick, device, dodge, wile, ruse, intrigue, racket, game, move
Scheme Verb Synonyms: plan, plot, design, programme, system, course (of action), schema, outline, exposition, projection, draft, method, technique, approach, game plan, scenario

Other Words for Scheming

Scheming Noun Synonyms: conniving, plotting, nefarious, treacherous, crafty, cunning, artful, sly, wily, devious, Machiavellian, intriguing, slick, calculating, tricky, foxy, slippery, underhanded, duplicitous, deceitful

Other Words for Schism

Schism Noun Synonyms: split, rift, break, breach, division, rupture, separation, disunion

Other Words for Schismatic

Schismatic Verb Synonyms: schismatical, separatist, breakaway, divisive, dissident, heretical

Other Words for Scholar

Scholar Adjective Synonyms: academic, professor, teacher, pedagogue, authority, expert, pundit, savant, bookman, book-woman, man or woman of letters, intellectual, highbrow, bookworm, egghead, brain, longhair
Scholar Noun Synonyms: student, pupil, schoolboy, schoolgirl, undergraduate

Other Words for Scholarly

Scholarly Adjective Synonyms: learned, erudite, lettered, scholastic, profound, deep, intellectual, academic, highbrow(ed), ivory-tower(ed), egghead, brainy, longhair, long-haired

Other Words for Scholarship

Scholarship Noun Synonyms: learning, erudition, knowledge, lore, education, schooling, training, preparation, know-how

Other Words for School

School Noun Synonyms: set, coterie, circle, clique, group, denomination, faction, sect, followers, devotees, adherents, votaries, disciples, style, kind, form, manner, fashion
School Adjective Synonyms: (educational) institution, kindergarten, nursery school, primary or grammar or secondary or high school, institute, college, university, seminary, Alma Mater, boarding-school, day-school, public school, private school, State school, lyc‚e, Lyceum, Br

Other Words for School-Book

School-Book Noun Synonyms: text(book), primer, grammar (-book), reader, manual, handbook, exercise book, notebook, copybook, enchiridion, hornbook, abecedarium

Other Words for Schooling

Schooling Noun Synonyms: education, teaching, instruction, tutelage, tuition, guidance, training, preparation, indoctrination, edification, enlightenment, learning, study, research

Other Words for Schoolteacher

Schoolteacher Verb Synonyms: teacher, professor, instructor, tutor, pedagogue, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, dominie, school-ma'm

Other Words for Science

Science Noun Synonyms: (body of) knowledge or information, (body of) laws or principles, discipline, study, branch, field, area, subject, realm, sphere

Other Words for Scientific

Scientific Noun Synonyms: (well-)organized, (well-)regulated, (well-)controlled, (well-)ordered, orderly, systematic, methodical, precise, meticulous, thorough, painstaking, detailed

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