Other Words for Subsidy

Subsidy Verb Synonyms: funding, financing, subsidizing, sponsoring, sponsorship, assistance, aid, contribution, support, grant, subvention, maintenance, underwriting, capitalization

Other Words for Subsistence

Subsistence Verb Synonyms: existence, living, survival, subsisting, being

Other Words for Substance

Substance Adjective Synonyms: material, matter, stuff, fabric, composition, make-up
Substance Verb Synonyms: essence, pith, heart, core, gist, burden, theme, meat, kernel, nub, crux, sum total, sum and substance, point, gravamen, haecceity, quintessence, quiddity
Substance Noun Synonyms: meaning, import, significance, purport, signification, point

Other Words for Substantial

Substantial Noun Synonyms: material, considerable, significant, great, worthwhile, consequential, ample, goodly, respectable, abundant, generous, big, large, sizeable, major, tidy, healthy

Other Words for Substantially

Substantially Adjective Synonyms: in substance, essentially, at bottom, fundamentally, basically, in essence, intrinsically, in reality, at heart, sincerely, truly, actually, in truth, veritably, indeed, in fact, as a matter of fact, largely, to a large extent, in large measure, materiall

Other Words for Substantiate

Substantiate Adjective Synonyms: confirm, affirm, corroborate, support, sustain, back up, bear out, authenticate, show (clearly), prove, document, verify, certify, validate

Other Words for Substitute

Substitute Adjective Synonyms: replace, exchange, displace, relieve, supplant, switch, take the place of, stand in for, double for, sub for, cover for, swap or swop, pinch-hit for

Other Words for Substitution

Substitution Adverb Synonyms: exchange, exchanging, change, changing, replacement, replacing, supplanting, switch, switching, interchange, interchanging, swap or swop, swapping or swopping

Other Words for Substratum

Substratum Verb Synonyms: substrate, foundation, underlayer, basis, fundament, base, substructure, groundwork

Other Words for Subterfuge

Subterfuge Verb Synonyms: artifice, trick, device, stratagem, maneuver, ploy, evasion, deception, dodge, feint, shift, excuse, expedient, contrivance, intrigue

Other Words for Subtle

Subtle Noun Synonyms: delicate, fine, refined, exquisite, nice, subtile

Other Words for Subtlety

Subtlety Adjective Synonyms: treachery, guile, insidiousness, casuistry, cunning, artfulness, craftiness, deviousness, slyness, deceptiveness
Subtlety Noun Synonyms: refinement, nicety, delicacy, exquisiteness, intricacy, fineness, acuteness, elegance, sophistication

Other Words for Subtract

Subtract Adjective Synonyms: deduct, take away, take off, take (something) from

Other Words for Subversion

Subversion Noun Synonyms: overthrow, ruin, destruction, undermining, upheaval, displacement

Other Words for Subversive

Subversive Noun Synonyms: subversionary, seditious, seditionary, treasonous, treacherous, traitorous, revolutionary, insurrectionary
Subversive Verb Synonyms: traitor, insurgent, saboteur, fifth-columnist, collaborator, collaborationist, quisling, radical, revolutionary, insurrectionist, insurrectionary, dissident, defector

Other Words for Subvert

Subvert Verb Synonyms: overthrow, ruin, destroy, undermine, topple, demolish, wreck, sabotage

Other Words for Subway

Subway Noun Synonyms: underground (railway), tube
Subway Adjective Synonyms: tunnel, underpass

Other Words for Succeed

Succeed Noun Synonyms: follow, come after, supervene
Succeed Verb Synonyms: be successor (to), follow, be heir (to), replace, take the place of, inherit or take over from

Other Words for Succeed At

Succeed At Noun Synonyms: make good, thrive, prosper, flourish, be a success, be successful, progress, advance, get ahead or on, attain or gain or achieve success, win, triumph, make it, arrive, get to the top

Other Words for Success

Success Verb Synonyms: star, celebrity, (big) name, sensation
Success Noun Synonyms: good or happy result or outcome, good fortune, achievement, triumph, attainment, ascendancy, prosperity

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