Other Words for Sundries

Sundries Verb Synonyms: knick-knacks, trinkets, small items, notions, miscellanea, miscellany, kickshaws, Brummagem, frippery, bric-…-brac, odds and ends

Other Words for Sundry

Sundry Adjective Synonyms: various, varied, miscellaneous, assorted, different, mixed, diversified, divers

Other Words for Sunken

Sunken Noun Plural Synonyms: buried, underground, in-ground, below-ground, settled, lowered
Sunken Verb Synonyms: submerged, undersea, underwater, submersed
Sunken Noun Synonyms: hollow, hollowed-out, haggard, drawn

Other Words for Sunless

Sunless Adjective Synonyms: dark, grim, cheerless, unhappy, joyless, funereal, depressing, dreary, drear, sombre, gloomy, grey, Stygian, black, pitchy, inky, shadowy, tenebrous, unlit, unlighted, dusky, subfusc or subfuscous, darkling

Other Words for Sunny

Sunny Adjective Synonyms: sunlit, sunshiny, brilliant, bright, radiant, fair, fine, cloudless, clear, unclouded

Other Words for Super

Super Adjective Synonyms: wonderful

Other Words for Superb

Superb Adjective Synonyms: wonderful, marvelous, excellent, superior, gorgeous, glorious, magnificent, outstanding, exquisite, fine, splendid, unequalled, sensational, noteworthy, admirable, peerless, matchless, unrivalled, first-rate, superlative, perfect, classic, exceptional, ex

Other Words for Supercilious

Supercilious Adjective Synonyms: haughty, contemptuous, superior, snobbish, disdainful, arrogant, condescending, patronizing, overbearing, scornful, lordly, high and mighty, pompous, lofty, stuffy, pretentious, hoity-toity, highfalutinn, uppity, snooty, stuck-up,

Other Words for Superficial

Superficial Adjective Synonyms: surface, external, exterior, shallow, skin-deep, slight, outside

Other Words for Superficies

Superficies Adjective Synonyms: (outer) surface, facade, face, externals, outside

Other Words for Superfluity

Superfluity Adjective Synonyms: excess, superabundance, over-abundance, surplus, oversupply, surfeit, glut, superfluousness, profusion, plethora, oversupply, supersaturation

Other Words for Superfluous

Superfluous Adjective Synonyms: excessive, excess, superabundant, over-abundant, supererogatory, surplus, unneeded, uncalled-for, unnecessary, redundant, extra, needless, dispensable, gratuitous

Other Words for Superhuman

Superhuman Noun Synonyms: superman, hero, superhero, bermensch, Hercules
Superhuman Adjective Synonyms: heroic, Herculean, godlike, legendary, valiant, courageous, brave, daring, dangerous, death-defying, extraordinary, miraculous, phenomenal, incredible, fabulous, fantastic, unbelievable, amazing

Other Words for Superintendent

Superintendent Noun Synonyms: supervisor, foreman, overseer, manager, administrator, chief, head, boss, governor, controller, director, conductor

Other Words for Superior

Superior Adjective Synonyms: higher, higher-ranking, higher-level, higher-class, higher-calibre, upper, upper-level, upper-class, loftier, nobler, better, of a higher order or status or standing, classier, tonier

Other Words for Superiority

Superiority Noun Synonyms: ascendancy, pre-eminence, supremacy, leadership, lead, dominance, predominance, primacy, hegemony

Other Words for Superlative

Superlative Adjective Synonyms: unsurpassed, paramount, supreme, consummate, superior, best, choicest, finest, matchless, peerless, unequalled, unrivalled, singular, unique, incomparable, excellent, superb, sterling, dazzling, first-rate, exceptional, extraordinary, marvelous, spectacul

Other Words for Supernatural

Supernatural Adjective Synonyms: preternatural, unusual, extraordinary, exceptional, unnatural, miraculous, remarkable, fabulous, preterhuman, ghostly, spectral, abnormal, inexplicable, unexplainable, metaphysical, other-worldly, unearthly, ultramundane, supramundane, extramundane, occul

Other Words for Supersede

Supersede Noun Synonyms: replace, succeed, displace, supplant, oust, take the place of, substitute for

Other Words for Supervise

Supervise Noun Synonyms: oversee, overlook, watch (over), manage, run, control, superintend, govern, direct, be in or have charge (of), handle, keep an eye on, administer

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