Other Words for Supervisor

Supervisor Adjective Synonyms: overseer, foreman, manager, controller, superintendent, superior, governor, director, boss, chief, head, administrator

Other Words for Supervisory

Supervisory Adjective Synonyms: managerial, administrative, executive

Other Words for Supine

Supine Verb Synonyms: flat (on one's back), lying (down), prostrate, recumbent, technical procumbent, accumbent, decumbent

Other Words for Supplant

Supplant Noun Synonyms: replace, displace, oust, turn out, eject, remove, expel, dismiss, unseat, supersede, substitute, exchange

Other Words for Supple

Supple Adjective Synonyms: flexible, flexile, pliant, bendable, elastic, resilient, pliable, tractile, fictile

Other Words for Supplement

Supplement Adjective Synonyms: add (on or to), extend, augment, complement
Supplement Verb Synonyms: addendum, addition, appendix, epilogue, end-piece, postscript, appendage, extension, continuation, adjunct, annexe, appurtenance, accessory, codicil, insert, sequel, supplementation, suppletion

Other Words for Supplementary

Supplementary Adjective Synonyms: additional, added, annexed, adjunct, new

Other Words for Supplicant

Supplicant Noun Synonyms: suppliant, supplicating, entreating, petitioning, supplicatory, beseeching, praying, imploring, solicitous, importunate, begging, mendicant
Supplicant Verb Synonyms: suppliant, applicant, petitioner, beseecher, suitor, pleader, aspirant, appellant, plaintiff, beggar, mendicant

Other Words for Supplication

Supplication Adjective Synonyms: entreaty, petition, prayer, appeal, pleading, plea, suit, solicitation, obsecration, obtestation, impetration

Other Words for Supply

Supply Verb Synonyms: furnishing, provision, providing, purveying, supplying, distribution, equipping, outfitting, provisioning, delivery, stocking, stockpiling
Supply Adjective Synonyms: furnish, provide, give, endow, present, purvey, deliver, come up with, contribute, distribute, sell, stock, accommodate, afford, equip, outfit, gear (up), rig (out), fit (out), provision, cater to, kit out or up, victual
Supply Noun Synonyms: yield, give, contribute, come up with, deliver, provide, furnish

Other Words for Support

Support Noun Synonyms: tolerate, bear, stand (for), suffer, submit to, undergo, brook, stomach, endure, abide, countenance, face, stick, put up with
Support Verb Synonyms: back (up), stand by, help, bolster, uphold, brace, strengthen, fortify, buttress, prop (up), shore up, reinforce, boost, champion, assist, take up the cudgels for, aid, promote, forward, second, advance, advocate, stand up for, be supportive (of or in), C

Other Words for Supportable

Supportable Verb Synonyms: tolerable, bearable, endurable, acceptable, sufferable
Supportable Noun Synonyms: defensible, confirmable, verifiable, demonstrable, tenable, believable

Other Words for Supporter

Supporter Noun Synonyms: enthusiast, champion, promoter, fan, aficionado, devotee, admirer, backer, follower, support, advocate, exponent, adherent, aid, assistant, helper

Other Words for Supportive

Supportive Noun Synonyms: helpful, sustaining, supporting, encouraging, sympathetic, understanding, reassuring

Other Words for Suppose

Suppose Adjective Synonyms: assume, presume, presuppose, surmise, take, take as given or as read, take for granted, believe, think, fancy, imagine, take it

Other Words for Supposed

Supposed Adjective Synonyms: alleged, assumed, putative, reputed, presumed, hypothetical, theoretical, theorized, imagined, suppositious, supposititious
Supposed Noun Synonyms: obliged, expected, required, meant, intended

Other Words for Supposedly

Supposedly Adjective Synonyms: allegedly, reputedly, theoretically, hypothetically, presumably, rumour has it

Other Words for Supposing

Supposing Verb Synonyms: if, even if, in the event that, despite the fact that, although, though

Other Words for Supposition

Supposition Adjective Synonyms: assumption, presumption, surmise, belief, thought, fancy, theory, hypothesis, postulate, proposal, proposition

Other Words for Suppress

Suppress Adjective Synonyms: end, discontinue, cut off, cease, stop, terminate, put an end to, halt, prohibit, preclude, prevent, repress, censor, forbid, interdict, block, obstruct, withhold, stifle, inhibit, hinder, arrest
Suppress Adverb Synonyms: put down, quell, crush, squelch, quash, subdue, check, stamp out, snuff out, smother, extinguish, quench, crack down on
Suppress Conjunction Synonyms: keep down, control, keep under control, keep or hold in check, restrain, hold in or back, repress, cover up, conceal, hide, keep quiet or secret, mute, muffle, quiet, silence

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