Other Words for Swanky

Swanky Noun Synonyms: smart, stylish, fashionable, chic, chichi, fancy, luxurious, grand, elegant, swank, snazzy, neat, nifty, plush, posh, ritzy, swish

Other Words for Swarm

Swarm Noun Synonyms: throng, horde, army, host, multitude, hive, herd, mob, mass, drove, flood, stream, cloud, flock, pack, shoal, bunch
Swarm Verb Synonyms: throng, mass, crowd, congregate, flock, gather, flood, stream, flow

Other Words for Swarm With

Swarm With Verb Synonyms: crawl with, abound in or with, throng with, teem with, burst with, bristle with, be overrun with

Other Words for Swarthy

Swarthy Adjective Synonyms: swart, black, ebon, ebony, sable, pitch-black, jet-black, coal-black, raven, dark

Other Words for Swashbuckling

Swashbuckling Noun Synonyms: adventurous, daring, daredevil, swaggering, roisterous, bold, dashing, flamboyant

Other Words for Swath

Swath Verb Synonyms: swathe, path, belt, strip

Other Words for Swathe

Swathe Verb Synonyms: tie, bind, bandage, wrap, enwrap, swaddle, bundle (up), envelop, shroud, muffle (up)

Other Words for Sway

Sway Adjective Synonyms: wave, waver, swing, sweep, oscillate, undulate, reel, totter, swing or move to and fro or back and forth or from side to side or backwards and forwards, rock, fluctuate, bend, lean
Sway Noun Synonyms: sweep, wave, swing, (period of) oscillation, libration
Sway Verb Synonyms: influence, control, power, command, authority, dominion, rule, sovereignty, leadership, mastery, grip, clutches, grasp

Other Words for Swear

Swear Verb Synonyms: depose, aver, asseverate, declare, insist, assert, solemnly affirm or state, testify, promise, take an oath, undertake, vow, avow, vouchsafe, warrant, pledge, give one's word, agree

Other Words for Swear By

Swear By Noun Synonyms: trust (in), believe in, rely on, have confidence in, count on

Other Words for Swear Off

Swear Off Noun Synonyms: forswear, renounce, abjure, go off, forgo, shun, avoid, give up, eschew, forsake, throw over

Other Words for Sweat

Sweat Verb Synonyms: perspire, glow

Other Words for Sweat Out

Sweat Out Verb Synonyms: worry, be anxious, agonize, anguish, bite (one's) nails, be on pins and needles, fret, fuss, stew, torture or torment oneself, lose sleep (over), sweat blood, be in a tizzy, sweat bullets

Other Words for Sweep

Sweep Verb Synonyms: pass, clearance, stroke, purge
Sweep Noun Synonyms: brush, whisk, clean, clear, tidy up

Other Words for Sweep Away

Sweep Away Noun Synonyms: carry or take (away or off), destroy, wipe out, demolish, remove, wash (away), blow (away)

Other Words for Sweeping

Sweeping Noun Synonyms: complete, total, overwhelming, decisive
Sweeping Verb Synonyms: comprehensive, (all-)inclusive, general, extensive, universal, all-embracing, broad, widespread, wide(-ranging), far-ranging, blanket, umbrella, catholic, exhaustive, radical, thorough(-going), out-and-out, across the board, wholesale, wall-to-wall

Other Words for Sweet

Sweet Noun Synonyms: sugary, honey-like, honeyed, sweetened
Sweet Adjective Synonyms: harmonious, melodious, sweet-sounding, euphonious, dulcet, musical, tuneful, euphonic, mellifluous, mellow, lyric, silvery, bell-like, golden

Other Words for Sweet On

Sweet On Adjective Synonyms: fond of, taken with, keen on, devoted to, enamoured of, infatuated with, (head over heels) in love with, wild or mad or crazy about, nuts about or over, gone on, stuck on, batty about

Other Words for Sweeten

Sweeten Adjective Synonyms: sugar, sugar-coat

Other Words for Sweetheart

Sweetheart Adjective Synonyms: girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, admirer, beau, darling, dear, love, beloved, lover, paramour, inamorato, inamorata, lady-love, betrothed, intended, fianc‚(e), swain heartthrob, flame, sweetie, steady

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