Other Words for Sweets

Sweets Adjective Synonyms: bon-bon, chocolate, confection, sweetmeat, comfit, candy

Other Words for Swell

Swell Verb Synonyms: increase, raise, augment, enlarge, boost, step up
Swell Noun Synonyms: grow, increase, mushroom, snowball, accumulate, mount

Other Words for Swell Up

Swell Up Noun Synonyms: grow, increase, enlarge, expand, blow or puff up or out, distend, inflate, dilate, wax, mushroom, belly, balloon, bloat, bulge, billow, fatten, rise, tumefy

Other Words for Swelling

Swelling Noun Synonyms: enlargement, distension, tumescence, protuberance, bump, prominence, bulge, lump, excrescence, protrusion, tumour, node, nodule

Other Words for Sweltering

Sweltering Noun Synonyms: hot, torrid, steaming, sultry, steamy, muggy, sticky, oppressive, stifling, stuffy, suffocating, clammy, humid, wet, broiling, boiling, scorching, roasting, baking, wilting, melting, tropical, close

Other Words for Swerve

Swerve Adjective Synonyms: veer, career, swing, diverge, deviate, sheer off, skew, stray, turn (aside)

Other Words for Swift

Swift Adjective Synonyms: fleet, fast, rapid, speedy, hasty, lively, nimble, expeditious, quick, brisk, sudden, abrupt

Other Words for Swiftly

Swiftly Noun Synonyms: fast, quickly, speedily, rapidly, expeditiously, briskly, hurriedly, hastily, suddenly, abruptly, in a flash, in a trice, in the wink of an eye, before you can say 'Jack Robinson', before you can say 'knife', like a shot, in an instant, in (less than) no

Other Words for Swill

Swill Verb Synonyms: nonsense, rot, rubbish, crap
Swill Adjective Synonyms: hogwash, pigswill, refuse, pigwash, slop(s), garbage, waste

Other Words for Swimmingly

Swimmingly Adverb Synonyms: smoothly, easily, effortlessly, well, successfully, without a hitch or a problem, like a dream, cosily, like clockwork, without difficulty, handily, readily

Other Words for Swindle

Swindle Noun Synonyms: cheat, cozen, bilk, defraud, deceive, hoodwink, take in, fleece, dupe, fool, mulct, gull, make a fool or sucker (out) of, victimize, exploit, trick, literary euchre, chouse, bamboozle, chisel, diddle, pull a fast one on, fl

Other Words for Swindler

Swindler Verb Synonyms: cheat, confidence man or woman, hoaxer, mountebank, charlatan, knave, scoundrel, sharper, fraud, trickster, thimblerigger, villain, defalcator, flimflam man, con man or woman, bunco-artist, four-flusher

Other Words for Swing

Swing Adverb Synonyms: sway, move or go to and fro or back and forth or backwards and forwards, come and go, wave, fluctuate, flap, oscillate, vibrate, librate, waver, wobble, waggle, zigzag, wigwag, flourish
Swing Verb Synonyms: hang, dangle, be hanged, be suspended
Swing Noun Synonyms: swinging, sway, swaying, toing and froing, coming and going, waving, fluctuation, fluctuating, flapping, flap, oscillation, oscillating, vibration, vibrating, libration, waver, wavering, wobble, wobbling, waggle, waggling, zigzag, zigzagging, wigwag, wigw

Other Words for Swinging

Swinging Synonyms: huge, immense, enormous, considerable, drastic, severe, harsh, stringent, punishing, devastating, painful, excruciating, major, daunting, Draconian, oppressive, exorbitant, excessive, violent, thumping
Swinging Noun Synonyms: fashionable, chic, up to date, modern, …-go-go, in the swim, with it, trendy, hip, groovy, in the groove

Other Words for Swipe

Swipe Noun Synonyms: steal, filch, pilfer, purloin, pinch, lift, snitch, nick, whip, snaffle
Swipe Adjective Synonyms: swing, strike, clip

Other Words for Swipe At

Swipe At Noun Synonyms: swing at, strike at, hit at, lash out at

Other Words for Swirl

Swirl Verb Synonyms: twist, whirl, whorl, curl, roll, furl, spin, curve, spiral, twirl, wind (round)
Swirl Adjective Synonyms: whirl, spin, eddy, churn, circulate, gyrate, surge, boil, seethe

Other Words for Swish

Swish Noun Synonyms: hiss, whisk, rustle, whisper, susurrate
Swish Verb Synonyms: hiss, hissing sound, whoosh, swoosh, rustle, whistle

Other Words for Switch

Switch Verb Synonyms: twitch, lash, rod, whip, birch (rod), scourge
Switch Noun Synonyms: change, alteration, exchange, shift, change-over, reversal, deflection, trade, swap or swop
Switch Adjective Synonyms: twitch, lash, whip, birch, beat, strike, thrash, scourge, flog

Other Words for Swivel

Swivel Verb Synonyms: pivot, elbow-joint, gimbal, ball-and-socket joint
Swivel Noun Synonyms: pivot, turn, rotate, spin, revolve, pirouette, move freely

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