Other Words for Swollen

Swollen Verb Synonyms: enlarged, distended, inflated, bloated, bulging, puffed up or out, tumid, tumescent, expanded, turgid, puffy, oversized, outsized, dropsical, hypertrophied, proud

Other Words for Swoop

Swoop Verb Synonyms: descend, dive, sweep down, pounce, stoop

Other Words for Sybarite

Sybarite Noun Synonyms: epicure, epicurean, hedonist, voluptuary, sensualist, aesthete, gastronome, gourmet, bon vivant, bon viveur, pleasure-seeker, playboy, jet-setter

Other Words for Symbol

Symbol Adjective Synonyms: representation, figure, metaphor, allegory, insigne (singular, plural is insignia), token, sign, emblem, badge, image, logotype, mark, trade mark, colophon, brand, code, abbreviation, phonogram, initialism, cryptogram, acronym, monogram, password, shibbol

Other Words for Symbolic Of

Symbolic Of Verb Synonyms: symbolical (of), tokening, betokening, emblematic (of), figurative, allegoric(al), typical (of), representative (of), symptomatic (of), characteristic (of), metaphoric(al), allusive (of), denotative (of), connotative (of), mnemonic (of

Other Words for Symbolize

Symbolize Noun Synonyms: represent, stand for, denote, connote, suggest, express, imply, signify, mean, typify, exemplify, betoken, illustrate, embody, epitomize

Other Words for Symmetrical

Symmetrical Noun Synonyms: symmetric, (well-)balanced, proportionate, proportional, well-proportioned, orderly, (well-)ordered, in proportion, even, regular, congruous, congruent, uniform, harmonious, equal, mirror-image, mirror-like

Other Words for Symmetry

Symmetry Noun Synonyms: balance, proportion, evenness, order, orderliness, regularity, uniformity, congruity, congruousness, correspondence, agreement, harmony, consistency, equality

Other Words for Sympathetic

Sympathetic Adjective Synonyms: compassionate (to or toward(s)), commiserating (with), commiserative (with), understanding (of), supportive (of), caring (to or toward(s)), concerned (about or with), solicitous (of or to or (toward(s)), warm-hearted (t
Sympathetic Verb Synonyms: agreeable, pleasant, friendly, well-disposed, favourably disposed, encouraging, like-minded, responsive, congenial, en rapport, simpatico

Other Words for Sympathize

Sympathize Adjective Synonyms: suffer or grieve or mourn (with), feel (sorry) (for), have pity (for), empathize (with), condole (with), commiserate (with)
Sympathize Noun Synonyms: harmonize (with), get along (with), relate (to), identify (with), go along (with), see eye to eye (with), agree (with), side (with), understand, be en rapport (with), be in sympathy (with), be simpatico (with), have (a) rapport (wi

Other Words for Sympathizer

Sympathizer Adjective Synonyms: condoner, approver, conspirator, co-conspirator, collaborator, accomplice, accessory, supporter, fellow-traveler, ally

Other Words for Sympathy

Sympathy Adjective Synonyms: compassion, commiseration, pity, concern, tenderness, empathy, understanding, solicitousness, warmth, tender-heartedness, warm-heartedness, ruth
Sympathy Verb Synonyms: agreement, harmony, compatibility, rapport, concord, accord, fellow-feeling, congeniality, affinity, closeness, unity, communion, fellowship, camaraderie

Other Words for Symptom

Symptom Verb Synonyms: manifestation, evidence, syndrome, mark, token, indication, cue, clue, (warning) sign, characteristic, trait, feature, earmark, marker

Other Words for Symptomatic

Symptomatic Noun Synonyms: indicative (of), representative (of), suggestive (of), characteristic (of), emblematic (of), symbolic (of), peculiar (to), specific (to), idiosyncratic (of), indicating, suggesting

Other Words for Syndicate

Syndicate Adjective Synonyms: serialize, distribute
Syndicate Noun Synonyms: trust, monopoly, bloc, cartel, syndication

Other Words for Synonymous

Synonymous Noun Synonyms: equal (to), equivalent (to), tantamount (to), identified (with), corresponding (to or with), transposable (with), exchangeable (with), identical (to or with), interchangeable (with), the same (as)

Other Words for Synopsis

Synopsis Noun Synonyms: summary, condensation, abridgement, epitomization, outline, abstract, digest, , epitome, compendium, conspectus, aper‡u,

Other Words for Synthesis

Synthesis Verb Synonyms: blend, compound, merge, union, amalgamation, coalescence, integration, unifying, unification, composite, composition, mixture, combination, compounding, combining, blending, merging, union, amalgamation, coalescence, integrating, mixing, fusing, fusion, u

Other Words for Synthetic

Synthetic Verb Synonyms: artificial, man-made, manufactured, ersatz, fake, false, counterfeit, sham, bogus, spurious, mock, imitation, pseudo, plastic, phony

Other Words for System

System Adjective Synonyms: organized whole, organization, set, group, combination, structure, arrangement, pattern, set-up
System Noun Synonyms: scheme, method, approach, modus operandi, way, procedure, methodology, technique, plan, process, practice, routine

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