Other Words for Scrimmage

Scrimmage Noun Synonyms: skirmish, scuffle, fray, affray, disturbance, brouhaha, mele, riot, row, brawl, struggle, scramble, tussle, fracas, rumpus, Donnybrook, battle, fight, ruckus, set-to, dust-up, free-for-all, scrap, scrum or scrummage, (bit o

Other Words for Script

Script Verb Synonyms: manuscript, scenario, book, play, screenplay, teleplay, libretto, continuity
Script Noun Synonyms: handwriting, hand, (cursive) writing, penmanship, calligraphy

Other Words for Scripture

Scripture Noun Synonyms: Scriptures, sacred writings, Bible, Good Book, Holy Writ or Scripture(s), Word of God, Gospel(s), Book of Mormon, Koran, Upanishad(s), Bhagavad-Gita

Other Words for Scrounge

Scrounge Noun Synonyms: cancel, call off, abort, scratch, drop, terminate, give up, end, abandon, stop, cease, discontinue, do away with
Scrounge Verb Synonyms: ferret out, seek out, nose or smell out, come up with, scrape together or up, scratch up, importune, cadge, beg (, borrow, steal), freeload, bum

Other Words for Scruple

Scruple Noun Synonyms: pause, falter, hesitate, vacillate, have doubts or compunction (about), demur, waver, shrink from or at, have misgivings or qualms (about or over), be loath or loth (to), think twice (about), stick at, be reluctant, balk (at), have scruples (about)
Scruple Verb Synonyms: compunction, qualm, reluctance, misgiving, second thoughts, doubt, (twinge of) conscience, hesitation, uneasiness, discomfort, squeamishness

Other Words for Scrupulous

Scrupulous Noun Synonyms: careful, cautious, meticulous, exacting, precise, over-nice, strict, rigid, rigorous, severe, critical, fastidious, neat, conscientious, finicky or finical, fussy, painstaking, punctilious

Other Words for Scrutinize

Scrutinize Verb Synonyms: examine, analyze, dissect, investigate, probe, study, inspect, sift, go over or through, check

Other Words for Scrutiny

Scrutiny Adjective Synonyms: examination, analysis, investigation, probe, probing, study, inspection, sifting, inquiry or enquiry, exploration, check

Other Words for Scud

Scud Adjective Synonyms: fly, skim, race, scoot, speed, shoot

Other Words for Sculpture

Sculpture Verb Synonyms: figure, figurine, statue, statuette, group, head, bust, relief, bronze, marble
Sculpture Noun Synonyms: sculpt or sculp, model, model, chisel, carve, cast, form, fashion

Other Words for Scurrilous

Scurrilous Verb Synonyms: foul-mouthed, thersitical, gross, indecent, profane, Fescennine, vulgar, obscene, licentious, Sotadean or Sotadic, foul, vituperative, low, coarse, scabrous, vile, nasty, defamatory, derogatory, disparaging, vilifying, calumnious or calumniatory, malign,

Other Words for Scurry

Scurry Noun Synonyms: dash, scramble, scamper, scoot, dart, fly, race, sprint, scuttle, hurry, hasten, speed, hustle, rush, tear, zoom, zip, bolt, rip, scud

Other Words for Scurvy

Scurvy Verb Synonyms: low, miserable, contemptible, vile, base, despicable, rotten, sorry, bad, ignoble, dishonorable, mean, worthless, shabby

Other Words for Sea

Sea Adjective Synonyms: ocean, deep blue sea, high seas, (briny) deep, (bounding) main, Neptune's or Poseidon's kingdom or domain, blue water, Davy Jones's locker, briny, drink, pond (= 'Atlantic Ocean')
Sea Verb Synonyms: swell, breaker, wave

Other Words for Sea-Coast

Sea-Coast Noun Synonyms: seashore, shore, coast, seaside, seaboard, shoreline, coastline, littoral, sand(s), beach, strand

Other Words for Seafaring

Seafaring Noun Synonyms: maritime, nautical, naval, marine

Other Words for Seal

Seal Noun Synonyms: symbol, token, mark, insignia, sign, signet, crest, bearing, coat of arms, escutcheon, emblem, badge, monogram, identification, cartouche, design, imprint, stamp

Other Words for Seal Off

Seal Off Adjective Synonyms: close (off or up), shut (off), zip up, plug (up), stop (up), lock, bolt, secure, batten down, make airtight or waterproof, cork

Other Words for Seam

Seam Verb Synonyms: lode, vein, stratum, bed, layer, thickness
Seam Noun Synonyms: junction, juncture, joint, suture, commissure, scar, ridge, line, cicatrix

Other Words for Seamy

Seamy Verb Synonyms: sordid, nasty, dark, disreputable, shameful, unwholesome, unpalatable, unsavoury, distasteful, unseemly, squalid, low, depraved, degenerate, degraded, foul, vile, odious, abhorrent, contemptible, scurvy, rotten, unattractive, ugly, repulsive, repellent

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