Other Words for Sacrifice

Sacrifice Adjective Synonyms
forfeiture, forgoing, giving up, relinquishment, loss
Mrs. Clinton continues her charitable work at the sacrifice of much of her time.

immolation, surrender, forfeiture, forgoing, giving up, yielding up, offering (up), offer, Christian religion oblation
The Aztec religion demanded the sacrifice of human beings.

immolate, offer (up), yield (up), give up
In their religion, they were required to sacrifice small animals to propitiate the gods.

Sacrifice Noun Synonyms
give up, forgo, forfeit, relinquish, surrender, let go, lose, yield, renounce, forswear, forbear, desist, cease, stop, refrain from
She was quite ready to sacrifice her inheritance to see justice done. If you sacrificed smoking you could give the money you save to charity.

More Words for Sacrifice

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