Other Words for Sacrificial

Sacrificial Noun Synonyms
sacrificed, immolated, surrendered, given up, yielded
They led the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter.

Sacrificial Verb Synonyms
atoning, expiatory, propitiatory, conciliatory
The solemn sacrificial ceremonies were carried out by the high priestess.

Comedy Of Innocence

Entertainment / Literature / Comedy Of Innocence: (1) In anthropological terms, a comedy of innocence is a ritualized symbolic behavior (or set of such behaviors) designed to alleviate individual or communal guilt about an execution or sacrifice or t MORE

Descent Into The Underworld

Entertainment / Literature / Descent Into The Underworld: An archetype or motif in folklore, religion, mythology, or literature in which the protagonist must descend into the realm of the dead (usually located beneath the earth in hell, Elysium, or Tartarus) MORE