Other Words for Sadistic

Sadistic Adjective Synonyms
cruel, monstrous, brutal, brutish, beastly, ruthless, perverse, algolagnic
She derives sadistic pleasure from reminding me of all my failures. The scars and bruises confirmed the sadistic treatment he had undergone.


Science / Psychiatry / Windigo: A culture specific syndrome of Canadians involving delusions of being possessed by a cannibal-istic monster (windigo), attacks of agitated depression, oral sadistic fears and impulses. MORE

Oral Stage

Science / Psychiatry / Oral Stage: The earliest of the stages of infantile psychosexual development, lasting from birth to 12 months or longer. Usually subdivided into two stages: the oral erotic, relating to the pleasurable experience MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Dystopia: (from Greek, dys topos, 'bad place') The opposite of a utopia, a dystopia is an imaginary society in fictional writing that represents, as M. H. Abrams puts it, 'a very unpleasant imaginary world in w MORE

Senex Amans

Entertainment / Literature / Senex Amans: A stock character in medieval fabliaux, courtly romances, and classical comedies, the senex amans is an old, ugly, jealous man who is married to a younger, attractive but unhappy woman. He is often a MORE