Other Words for Safe Keeping

Safe Keeping Noun Synonyms
charge, protection, keeping, custody, care, guardianship
The deed to the house is in the safe keeping of Mr. Williams, my solicitor.

More Words for Safe Keeping

Protection / Care


Business / Finance / Safekeep: Holding by a bank of bonds and money market instruments. For a fee, the bank clips coupons and presents for payment at maturity. MORE

Safe Meat And Poultry Inspection Panel

Business / Agriculture / Safe Meat And Poultry Inspection Panel: A permanent advisory panel that could be created under a provision of the FAIR Act of 1996. The panel would review and evaluate inspection policies and procedures and any proposed changes to them. MORE


Business / Taxes / Safekeeping: Safekeeping occurs when a broker-dealer holds securities for a client that are registered in the client’s name. The advantage from the client’s perspective is that the securities are safe and the MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Safelight: Darkroom light of a color and intensity that will not affect light sensitized photographic materials. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Safety: A player position on defense — see free safety and strong safety. A safety scored during a try scores 2 points (1 point in the NFL) and is followed by a kickoff as for any other try. A method of sc MORE

Safe Harbor Regulations

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Safe Harbor Regulations: Guidelines regulated by the Department of Labor, which, when fully complied with, may reduce or limit the liability of a plan fiduciary. MORE