Other Words for Safeguard

Safeguard Adjective Synonyms
protection, defense, security
Such a flimsy fence to is hardly a sufficient safeguard.

Safeguard Adverb Synonyms
protect, defend, shield, shelter, keep safe, guard, conserve, save, keep, care for, look after
What is being done to safeguard the passengers from attacks by bandits.

More Words for Safeguard

Protection / Shelter / Keep / Guard

Import Safeguards

Business / Agriculture / Import Safeguards: A trade policy tool available to temporarily increase border protection for designated commodities and products. Its purpose is to allow a producing sector to adjust to changed market conditions befor MORE

Physical Safeguards

Business / Accounting / Physical Safeguards: Physical precautions used to protect assets and records, such as locks on doors, fireproof vaults, password verification, security gauds. MORE

Californium (Cf)

Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Californium (Cf): Atomic number: 98, Atomic mass: (251) g.mol -1, Electronegativity accordin to Pauling: unknown, Density: unknown, Melting point: unknown, Boiling point: unknown, Vanderwaals radius: unknown, Ionic rad MORE

Lockout-Tagout Rule

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Lockout-Tagout Rule: An OSHA standard helping safeguard employees from hazardous energy while they are performing service or maintenance on machines and equipment. The standard identifies the practices and procedures nece MORE

Police Power

Business / Real Estate / Police Power: The inherent right of the state to regulate for the purpose of promoting health, safety, welfare, and morality. Police power gives the state the right to impose certain restraints on human conduct whi MORE

Inflation-Protected Security (TIPS)

Business / Taxes / Inflation-Protected Security (TIPS): US Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) adust the principal twice a year to reflect inflation or deflation measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The interest rate is fixed and is paid MORE