Other Words for Sag

Sag Noun Synonyms
sagging, drop, droop, sinking, sinkage, subsidence, dip, reduction, decrease, decline, fall, slide, weakening, slump, lessening, flagging, faltering
If you stand over here you can see a definite sag in the roof. The sag in profits was attributed to a poor response to the new model.

drop, decrease, decline, go or come down, fall, slide, slip, weaken, slump, descend, diminish, lessen, droop, subside, flag, falter, wilt
The value of the dollar sagged in world markets today.

Sag Verb Synonyms
droop, sink, slump, bend, dip, swag, bag
The board sagged precariously under his weight. Without a breath stirring, the banners sagged in the humid air.

More Words for Sag

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