Other Words for Sail

Sail Adjective Synonyms
go sailing or boating or yachting, cruise, set sail, put (out) to sea
Would you like to sail to the Isle of Wight for the weekend.

Sail Noun Synonyms
navigate, pilot, steer
Sail as close to the shore as possible to avoid the whirlpool.

The schooner was carrying all the sail she could.


Entertainment / Literature / Grisaille: Kathleen Scott tells us that, in the elaborate medieval artwork found in illuminated manuscripts, grisaille refers to 'decorative work or illustrative scenes rendered mainly in shades of grey or muted MORE

Sailing Time

Life Style / Travel / Sailing Time: The actual hour at which the ship is scheduled to clear the dock and sail. MORE

Inaugural Sailing

Life Style / Travel / Inaugural Sailing: The first 'official' sailing of a ship with passengers, usually directly following the ship's 'naming ceremony.' however, since inaugurals are primarily publicity events, it's not uncommon for cruise MORE

Soldiers And Sailors Civil Relief Act

Business / Real Estate / Soldiers And Sailors Civil Relief Act: A law prohibiting foreclosures while a person is serving in the military and within three months thereafter except by court order. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Topsail: Complex V.rotundifolia (ie. Muscadine) cultivar. Derived from a Latham x Burgaw cross. Mainly grown in the Deep South and Gulf States of the U.S.A where it is recommended as a suitable tablegrape vari MORE


Technology / Aviation / Sailplane: An unpowered, soaring aircraft capable of maintaining level flight for long periods of time after release from tow and of gaining altitude using wind currents, as opposed to a GLIDER. MORE