Other Words for Same

Same Noun Synonyms
unchanged, unchanging, changeless, unmodified, unaltered, constant, uniform, unvaried, unvarying, word-for-word, verbatim
As you can see, it's the same old Charley you used to know and love. Professor Spicer is still giving the same lecture that he has given all these years.

identical, exact (same), selfsame, very
When I said they were wearing the same dress I meant that they were wearing identical dresses. That's the same tie you wore when we first met.

More Words for Same

Very / Verbatim

Same Direction Tracking

Technology / Radar / Same Direction Tracking: Tracking vehicles from behind or in front of the patrol vehicle going the same direction while the patrol vehicle is moving. All decatur police moving radars and decatur polie radar guns offer same di MORE

Same-Day Funds Settlement (SDFS)

Business / Finance / Same-Day Funds Settlement (SDFS): A method of settlement used in trading between well-collateralized parties in good-the-same-day federal funds used by the Depository Trust Company for transactions in U.S. government securities, short MORE

Same Day Ratings

Technology / Television (TV) / Same Day Ratings: Nielsen Media Research term for live ratings plus DVR playback activity until 3:00 am of the same Nielsen day MORE

Same Lane Radar

Technology / Radar / Same Lane Radar: Uses dual antenna moving radar to clock vehicles ahead or behind a rolling cruiser. Example: decatur genesis i moving police radar w/ dual k-band antenna. MORE

Same-Day Substitution

Business / Finance / Same-Day Substitution: Offsetting changes in a margin account during the day that result in no overall change in the balance of the account. MORE


Science / Spiders / Gossamer: A light film of silk threads, or groups of these floating through the air. MORE