Other Words for Sanction

Sanction Adjective Synonyms
agreement, concurrence, acceptance, affirmation, assent, acquiescence, compliance, approval, OK, okay
He would never have proceeded with the invasion without the sanction of his generals.

Sanction Noun Synonyms
ban, penalty, punishment, retribution, discipline, retaliation, redress
The government decided to introduce sanctions against the regime on account of their atrocious record on human rights.

confirm, ratify, second, authorize, legalize, legitimatize or legitimize, validate, license, certify, approve, permit, allow, notarize, vouchsafe, subscribe to, commission, consent to
If the board sanctions the purchase of the company, it is then up to the shareholders to vote.

support, encourage, advocate, back, sponsor, favor, countenance, help
You know I cannot be seen to sanction your plan in preference to others.

Sanction Verb Synonyms
help, aid, encouragement, support, advocacy, backing, sponsorship, favor, countenance
You will need the sanction of the entire committee in order to win a vote of confidence.

confirmation, ratification, secondment, authorization, legalization, legitimatization or legitimization, validation, license, certification, approval, permission, imprimatur, seal or stamp (of approval), signet
If you get the sanction of the rest of the members, then I shall agree.

More Words for Sanction

Second / Ok / Back / Support / Help / Allow / Aid

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