Other Words for Secondary

Secondary Adverb Synonyms
derivative, derived, indirect, second-hand, unoriginal, not original, copied, imitated
His biography of Queen Victoria was based entirely on secondary sources.

Secondary Noun Synonyms
auxiliary, second-line, backup, extra, reserve, spare, provisional, supporting, supportive, alternate, alternative
We were forced to rely on our secondary defenses after the enemy cavalry broke through.

Secondary Verb Synonyms
less important, unimportant, inessential or unessential, non-essential, non-critical, subsidiary, ancillary, minor, inferior, subordinate
These secondary matters can be dealt with after the important ones.

More Words for Secondary

Reserve / Minor / Extra

Secondary Source

Entertainment / Literature / Secondary Source: Literary scholars distinguish between primary sources, secondary sources, and educational resources. Students should also. To understand the difference, click here. MORE

Secondary Growth

Science / Biology / Secondary Growth: Cells in a plant that are produced by a cambium. Increase in girth of a plant due to the action of lateral meristems such as the vascular cambium. The main cell produced in secondary growth is seconda MORE

Secondary (Lateral) Meristems

Science / Biology / Secondary (Lateral) Meristems: Plant meristems that produce secondary growth from a cambium. MORE

Secondary Radar

Technology / Radar / Secondary Radar: A secondary radar system is a cooperative target identification system in which the interrogator transmits an encoded signal to a target. MORE

Secondary Mortgage Market

Business / Finance / Secondary Mortgage Market: Buying and selling existing mortgage loans, which are often pooled and traded as mortgage-backed securities. MORE

Secondary Offering

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