Other Words for Share

Share Adjective Synonyms
interest, piece, part, stake, equity, slice
Do you own any shares in the stock market? My share in United Telephone is worth twice what I paid for it.

share out, divide up, allot, apportion, allocate, ration, appropriate, share in, split, partition, parcel or deal or dole out, pay out
Ownership in the company is shared equally among the employees. Let's just take one car, share the expenses.

portion, allotment, division, apportionment, allocation, ration, appropriation, dispensation, allowance, part, due, percentage, interest, dividend, quota, portion, helping, serving, cut
Each of us is entitled to a share in the profits. We made sure that all participants got their shares.

More Words for Share

Part / Portion / Partition / Slice / Cut


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