Other Words for Significant

Significant Noun Synonyms
meaningful, eloquent, pithy, expressive, pregnant, suggestive, informative
It is significant that they prefer the termain to England, Scotland, Wales .

Significant Verb Synonyms
important, weighty, momentous, consequential, critical, substantial, substantive, noteworthy, notable, valuable, valued, meritorious, outstanding, impressive, historic, relevant, signal
Appleton made significant contributions to knowledge about the ionosphere.

Significant Order

Business / Finance / Significant Order: The holding of a large portion of the equity of a corporation, usually at least 20%, which gives the holder a significant amount of control over the corporation. This degree of holding must be recorde MORE

Significant Figure

Science / Chemistry / Significant Figure: A convention for recording measurements. Measurements are rounded so that they contain only the digits up to and including the first uncertain digit, when the number is written in scientific notation. MORE

Significant Influence

Business / Finance / Significant Influence: A good faith loan that is unsecured and requires only the borrower's signature on the loan application. MORE

Significant Order Imbalance

Business / Finance / Significant Order Imbalance: An order to buy or sell a large enough quantity of securities that the price of the security may be affected. Institutional investors usually spread out such an order over a few days or weeks to avoid MORE

Significant Influences

Business / Accounting / Significant Influences: Influence presumed if a company owns between 20% and 50% of another company. MORE

Certificate Of Deposit (CD)

Business / Accounting / Certificate Of Deposit (CD): A timed deposit that may be protected by the FDIC, incurs penalty charges if money is withdrawn before the maturity date, and usually has a higher rate of return than other interest-bearing savings op MORE