Other Words for Simple

Simple Adjective Synonyms
unsophisticated, naive, slow, slow-witted, stupid, thick, thickheaded, simple-minded, feeble-minded, oafish, bovine, dense, obtuse, dull, dull-witted, witless, halfwitted, brainless, backward, imbecilic or imbecile, cretinous, dumb, mo
That chap Dawson is far too simple to understand what you are asking him.

lowly, humble, inferior, mean, base, subservient, common, subordinate
The lord of the manor regarded his tenants as simple folk, a breed apart from himself and his family.

Simple Verb Synonyms
sincere, frank, candid, open, unaffected, uncomplicated, unpretentious, straightforward, above-board, simple-hearted, uncontrived, direct, upright, square, forthright, four-square, righteous, honest, naive, guileless, artless, undesigning, childlike, inge
The colonel was a simple man who was respected because he always said just what he meant. A simple heart may be its own best guide.

uncomplicated, plain, uninvolved, unsophisticated, understandable, intelligible, (easily) understood, comprehensible, clear, lucid, straightforward, easy, elementary, basic
At the age of four, Jan was able to do simple mathematical calculations.

plain, unadorned, undecorated, unembellished, basic, fundamental, elementary, elemental, mere, unostentatious, unassuming, unpretentious, modest, classic, uncluttered, stark, clean, severe, austere, Spartan, homely, unvarnished, naked, honest
Thea was stunning in a simple black dress with a colourful scarf and gold jewellery. The simple truth is that he came home from work to find the house broken into and his wife gone.

More Words for Simple

Clear / Slow / Square / Humble / Mean / Dense / Naked / Common / Backward / Clean / Easy / Righteous / Thick / Base / Open / Naive

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