Other Words for Stall

Stall Adjective Synonyms
stop, halt, die, quit, shut down, fail, cease operating, come to a standstill, conk out
My car stalled in the middle of rush-hour traffic - isn't that typical.

Stall Noun Synonyms
delay, dawdle, dilly-dally, dally, loiter, linger, temporize, equivocate, hesitate, prevaricate, play for time, waste time, stonewall, be obstructive, put (someone or something) off, vacillate, dither, hedge, procrastinate, haver, beat about t
He managed to stall for a while before handing over the money.

compartment, stand, booth, cubicle, alcove, section, space, area, slot, enclosure, quarters, counter, table
Several antiques dealers had hired stalls in the market.

Stall Verb Synonyms
shed, pen, cote, fold, coop, sty, corral, enclosure, cowshed, barn, stable
The animals belong in their stalls at night.

stalling, delay, hedge, hedging, pretext, subterfuge, wile, trick, ruse, artifice, stratagem, maneuver, move, stonewalling, obstructionism, playing for time, procrastination, procrastinating, beating about the bush, run-around, foot-dragging
Her claim that she was dressing was nothing but a stall to give her time to hide the pistol.

More Words for Stall

Trick / Quarters / Stand / Section / Pen / Table / Move / Fold / Stop

Secondary Stall

Technology / Aviation / Secondary Stall: Any stall resulting from pulling back too soon and too hard while recovering from any other stall. Usually a HIGH-SPEED or ACCELERATED STALL. MORE

Departure Stall

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