Other Words for Stop

Stop Adjective Synonyms
discontinue, halt, terminate, cease, break off, end, put an end or a stop to, bring to a stop or a halt or an end or a close, give up, quit, leave off, finish, conclude, desist, refrain, abandon, draw to a close, be over, come to a stop or a
Stop shouting, I'm not deaf. The car stopped suddenly. Will the fighting ever stop? .

Stop Noun Synonyms
pause, break, take a break, interrupt, tarry, sojourn, rest, stay, put up, lodge, visit, stop off or in or over, pull over, pull up
I'd like to stop for a cup of coffee. I stopped at The Bell Inn on my way here. We stopped short at the sign.

Stop Verb Synonyms
halt, end, cessation, termination, ban, prohibition, close, standstill, conclusion
The new law put a stop to door-to-door selling. We must bring that practice to a stop.

peter out, be over, end
He gave me an injection and the pain finally stopped.

blockage, blocking, stopping (up), stoppage, closing up, obstruction, block
A stop in the water supply was soon cleared up.

stopping-place, station, terminal, stage, terminus, depot
There is a bus stop in the next street.

stay, sojourn, visit, break, rest, stopover, layover
We thoroughly enjoyed our stop in Brighton.

More Words for Stop

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