Other Words for Terrible

Terrible Adjective Synonyms: unhappy, unpleasant, disagreeable, awful, miserable, joyless, wretched, unfortunate, rotten, lousy, beastly
Terrible Noun Synonyms: bad, serious, grave, severe, acute, distressing, disagreeable, nasty, foul, unbearable, dreadful, loathsome, hideous, vile, intolerable, awful, rotten, lousy, beastly

Other Words for Terribly

Terribly Adjective Synonyms: very, extremely, exceedingly, thoroughly, decidedly, unbelievably, incredibly, monumentally, outrageously, awfully, fabulously, frightfully

Other Words for Terrify

Terrify Adjective Synonyms: alarm, frighten, scare, terrorize, shock, make one's flesh crawl or creep, horrify, make one's blood run cold, make one's hair stand on end, stun, paralyse, petrify

Other Words for Terrifying

Terrifying Adjective Synonyms: alarming, frightening, scary, shocking, horrifying, paralysing, petrifying

Other Words for Territory

Territory Adverb Synonyms: area, region, district, neighborhood, zone, sector, tract, land, precinct, quarter, vicinage, vicinity, purlieu

Other Words for Terror

Terror Verb Synonyms: fright, dread, fear, horror, panic, shock, alarm, anxiety, dismay, consternation, intimidation, awe
Terror Adjective Synonyms: scourge, demon, brute, monster, fiend, devil, mad dog

Other Words for Terrorist

Terrorist Noun Synonyms: subversive, radical, insurgent, revolutionary, anarchist, nihilist, bomber, arsonist, incendiary, desperado, gunman, thug, felon, criminal

Other Words for Terse

Terse Noun Synonyms: concise, brief, short, compact, pithy, succinct, summary, laconic, short and sweet, to the point, sententious, crisp, epigrammatic, aphoristic, distilled, condensed, compendious, abbreviated, abridged, shortened, concentrated

Other Words for Test

Test Noun Synonyms: trial, examination, exam, proof, evaluation, assay, check, check-up, investigation, study, analysis

Other Words for Testify

Testify Adjective Synonyms: state, aver, assert, attest, swear, say, affirm, declare, give evidence or testimony, bear witness, avow, vouchsafe, proclaim, announce

Other Words for Testimonial

Testimonial Adjective Synonyms: endorsement, certification, commendation, (letter of) recommendation, reference, blurb

Other Words for Testimony

Testimony Noun Synonyms: evidence, attestation, affirmation, confirmation, verification, authentication, corroboration, avowal, deposition, statement, affidavit, declaration, assertion, claim, averral, asseveration, information

Other Words for Testy

Testy Verb Synonyms: irritable, bad-tempered, irascible, short-tempered, petulant, touchy, tetchy, querulous, peevish, hot-tempered, crusty, cross, grumpy, grouchy, bearish, crabby, crabbed, fretful, captious, waspish, snappish, quarrelsome, fractious, contentious, choleric,

Other Words for Tether

Tether Noun Synonyms: tie (up or down), restraint, fetter, chain (up or down), leash, manacle, secure, shackle, fasten, picket, stake
Tether Verb Synonyms: lead, leash, rope, cord, fetter, restraint, halter, tie, chain

Other Words for Text

Text Noun Synonyms: wording, words, content, (subject-)matter, printed matter, (main) body (text), contents
Text Adjective Synonyms: extract, abstract, section, quotation, part, paragraph, passage, verse, line

Other Words for Texture

Texture Verb Synonyms: feel, surface, character, grain, features, consistency, weave, configuration, nature, structure, fabric, constitution, substance

Other Words for Thank

Thank Noun Synonyms: express or show (one's) gratitude or thanks or appreciation, say thank you or thanks, give or offer or tender thanks

Other Words for Thankful

Thankful Verb Synonyms: grateful, appreciative, indebted, pleased, glad, obliged, obligated, under obligation, beholden to

Other Words for Thankless

Thankless Verb Synonyms: unappreciated, unacknowledged,eless, unrewarding, fruitless, unprofitable, profitless, unrequited, vain, futile, bootless

Other Words for Thanks

Thanks Noun Synonyms: gratitude, appreciation, gratefulness, acknowledgement, recognition, thanksgiving

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