Other Words for The Rabble

The Rabble Noun Synonyms: masses, proletariat, hoi polloi, commoners, peasantry, ragtag and bobtail, vermin, outcasts, riff-raff, scum, dregs (of society), lower classes, canaille, commonalty, trash, the great unwashed

Other Words for The Races

The Races Adjective Synonyms: horse-races, dog-races, the dogs, the track, the turf, racecourse, race meeting, racetrack

Other Words for The Rope

The Rope Verb Synonyms: the routine, the procedure, one's way around, the ins and outs, the truth, the (real) situation, what's what, the score, the gen

Other Words for The Rub

The Rub Verb Synonyms: a catch or the hitch or a snag or a hindrance or a set-back, an obstacle, the or a difficulty or problem or trouble

Other Words for The Sack

The Sack Verb Synonyms: dismissal, discharge, firing, heave-ho, the axe, marching orders, pink slip, bounce, walking papers, the boot, the chop, the push

Other Words for The Shakes

The Shakes Verb Synonyms: trembling, tremors, delirium tremens, D.T.'s

Other Words for The Shivers

The Shivers Verb Synonyms: trembling, shivering, goose-pimples or goose bumps, the shakes, the chills

Other Words for The Stage

The Stage Noun Synonyms: show business, the theatre, the boards, the footlights, Broadway, the West End, acting, Thespianism, showbiz

Other Words for The Turf

The Turf Noun Synonyms: horse-racing, racing, the racing world, racecourse, racetrack

Other Words for The Underworld

The Underworld Noun Synonyms: organized crime, the syndicate, the Mafia, the mob, Cosa Nostra, criminals, the criminal element, gangland

Other Words for The Works

The Works Verb Synonyms: everything, the lot, the whole kit and caboodle, the whole shooting match, everything but the kitchen sink, the whole shebang

Other Words for Theatre

Theatre Adjective Synonyms: drama, stagecraft, dramaturgy, melodrama, theatrics, histrionics, staginess, acting, performing, performance
Theatre Verb Synonyms: area, arena, scene, sphere or place or field of action, setting
Theatre Noun Synonyms: playhouse, (opera) house, (music-) hall, auditorium, amphitheatre, theatre-in-the-round, coliseum, hippodrome, arena (theatre)

Other Words for Theatrical

Theatrical Noun Synonyms: theatric, dramatic, stage, histrionic, Thespian, repertory

Other Words for Theft

Theft Noun Synonyms: robbery, stealing, pilferage, pilfering, filching, shoplifting, thievery, purloining, embezzlement, hijacking, larceny, lifting, appropriation, pocketing, pinching, swiping, snitching, nicking, boosting, heist, knocking off, r

Other Words for Theme

Theme Noun Synonyms: subject(-matter), topic, idea, notion, concept, thesis, text, thread, keynote, gist, core, substance, point, essence

Other Words for Theorem

Theorem Adjective Synonyms: hypothesis, proposition, assumption, conjecture, thesis, postulate

Other Words for Theoretical

Theoretical Noun Synonyms: hypothetical, conjectural, speculative, untested, unproved, unproven, moot, putative, debatable, supposititious, suppositional

Other Words for Theorist

Theorist Noun Synonyms: theoretician, speculator, hypothecator, hypothesizer, theorizer, philosopher, dreamer

Other Words for Theorize

Theorize Noun Synonyms: guess, hypothesize, conjecture, speculate

Other Words for Therapeutic

Therapeutic Adjective Synonyms: therapeutical, healing, curative, remedial, restorative, salutary, health-giving, healthy, beneficial, corrective, salubrious, medical, medicinal

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