Other Words for Throw Up

Throw Up Verb Synonyms: vomit, spit up, puke, spew up, be sick, regurgitate, disgorge, heave (up)

Other Words for Thrust

Thrust Verb Synonyms: push, shove, drive, force, impel, ram, jam, butt, propel, prod, urge, press, shoulder, jostle, elbow

Other Words for Thrust Upon

Thrust Upon Verb Synonyms: press (upon or on), impose (upon or on), force (upon or on), urge (upon or on)

Other Words for Thud

Thud Verb Synonyms: clunk, thump, whomp, wham, clonk, bump

Other Words for Thug

Thug Verb Synonyms: hooligan, gangster, desperado, gunman, terrorist, hoodlum, robber, assassin, murderer, killer, cutthroat, ruffian, Mafioso, (In Paris) apache, tough, mugger, p'hansigar, rough, tough, hood, crook, hit man, heavy, goon, l

Other Words for Thumb

Thumb Noun Synonyms: hitchhike, hitch, hook a ride

Other Words for Thumb Through

Thumb Through Noun Synonyms: leaf (through), flick or flip (through), riffle (through), skim (through), browse (through)

Other Words for Thumbnail

Thumbnail Noun Synonyms: rough, undetailed, cursory, sketchy, superficial, brief, short, quick, compact, concise, pithy, succinct

Other Words for Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down Noun Synonyms: disapprove (of), reject, rebuff, turn down

Other Words for Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Noun Synonyms: approve (of), accept, welcome, OK, okay

Other Words for Thumping

Thumping Noun Synonyms: great, huge, colossal, stupendous, gigantic, enormous, immense, monumental, massive, titanic, elephantine, behemoth, gargantuan, mammoth, jumbo, whopping, thundering, walloping
Thumping Verb Synonyms: complete, utter, unmitigated, 24-carat, perfect

Other Words for Thunder

Thunder Adjective Synonyms: roll, reverberate, boom, roar, rumble, resound, explode, crash, crack, blast
Thunder Verb Synonyms: roll, reverberation, boom, booming, roar, roaring, pealing, rumble, rumbling, crash, crashing, crack, cracking, explosion, blast

Other Words for Thunderous

Thunderous Adjective Synonyms: roaring, booming, thundering, tumultuous, noisy, loud, ear-splitting, deafening

Other Words for Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck Noun Synonyms: dumbfounded or dumfounded, astonished, astounded, awestruck, awed, speechless, struck dumb, amazed, taken aback, staggered, stunned, shocked, dazed, numb, paralysed, aghast, open-mouthed, nonplussed, flabbergasted, floored, bowled over, knocke

Other Words for Thus

Thus Verb Synonyms: so, in this manner or way or fashion or wise, as follows, thusly

Other Words for Thwart

Thwart Adjective Synonyms: frustrate, impede, check, stymie, baffle, stop, foil, stump, hinder, obstruct, balk, block, oppose, negate, nullify, short-circuit

Other Words for Tickle

Tickle Adverb Synonyms: titillate, delight, please, gratify, amuse, entertain, divert, captivate, thrill, tickle pink or to death

Other Words for Ticklish

Ticklish Noun Synonyms: delicate, sensitive, hypersensitive, difficult, touchy, prickly
Ticklish Adverb Synonyms: uncertain, unsteady, unsure, unstable, unsettled, fickle, touch-and-go, touchy
Ticklish Verb Synonyms: delicate, precarious, risky, hazardous, dangerous, critical, thorny, fragile, awkward

Other Words for Tidbit

Tidbit Adjective Synonyms: delicacy, (dainty) morsel, treat, choice item, bonne bouche, tidbit, goody

Other Words for Tidy

Tidy Verb Synonyms: neat, orderly, trim, shipshape, spruce, spick and span, clean, well-kept, well-groomed
Tidy Adjective Synonyms: well-organized, organized, well-ordered, methodical, systematic, trim

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