Other Words for Time

Time Noun Synonyms: period, interval, stretch, spell, patch

Other Words for Time And Again

Time And Again Noun Synonyms: again (and again), repeatedly, (over and) over again, time and time again, time after time, frequently, often, many times, on many occasions

Other Words for Time-Honored

Time-Honored Noun Synonyms: established, traditional, habitual, customary, rooted, conventional, age-old, set, fixed, venerable, venerated, respected, revered, honoured

Other Words for Time-Serving

Time-Serving Verb Synonyms: self-seeking, self-serving, selfish, self-indulgent, ambitious, mercenary, venal, greedy, profit-oriented, fortune-hunting, gold-digging, opportunistic, hypocritical, obsequious, sycophantic, toadying, toad-eating, boot-licking, subservient, on the

Other Words for Time-Worn

Time-Worn Adjective Synonyms: ageing, old, tired, worn, time-scarred, decrepit, dilapidated, tumbledown, ramshackle, run-down, dog-eared, ragged, moth-eaten, threadbare, seedy, shabby, archaic, antique, well-worn, worn out, passe, broken-down, old-fashioned, out-dated, dated, antiquat

Other Words for Timeless

Timeless Noun Synonyms: eternal, everlasting, immortal, undying, endless, unending, ceaseless, abiding, deathless, ageless, changeless, unchanged, immutable, unchanging, permanent, indestructible

Other Words for Timely

Timely Verb Synonyms: punctual, prompt, well-timed, propitious, opportune, convenient, favorable, auspicious

Other Words for Times

Times Noun Synonyms: life, things, circumstance, conditions, everything, culture, mores, habits, values

Other Words for Timetable

Timetable Adjective Synonyms: schedule, calendar, curriculum, programme, agenda, diary

Other Words for Timid

Timid Adjective Synonyms: shy, retiring, modest, coy, bashful, diffident, timorous, fearful, apprehensive, mousy, scared, frightened, nervous, cowardly, pusillanimous, craven, chicken-hearted, yellow, yellow-bellied, chicken, chicken-livered, lily-livered, gutless

Other Words for Tinker

Tinker Adjective Synonyms: trifle, dabble, meddle, mess (around or about), toy, fool or play (around or about), potter or putter (about or around), fiddle or monkey or muck (about or around)

Other Words for Tinny

Tinny Adjective Synonyms: metallic, harsh, twangy
Tinny Noun Synonyms: shabby, flimsy, flimsily or poorly made, shoddy, inferior, cheap, tawdry

Other Words for Tint

Tint Adjective Synonyms: tincture, wash, hue, color, cast, tinge, touch, hint, trace, dash, colouring, shade, tone, suggestion
Tint Verb Synonyms: dye, rinse, wash, stain, tincture, colourant, colouring, touch-up

Other Words for Tiny

Tiny Noun Synonyms: microscopic, infinitesimal, minute, minuscule, diminutive, wee, small, little, miniature, micro, mini, pocket, pocket-sized, bantam, pygmy or pigmy, midget, Lilliputian, petite, delicate, dainty, elfin, slight, insignificant, negligible, trifling, paltry,

Other Words for Tip

Tip Verb Synonyms: top, cap, crown, surmount
Tip Noun Synonyms: end, extremity, peak, apex, summit, vertex, cap, top, pinnacle, tiptop, crown, head, terminal, ferrule or ferule, finial, nib or neb, point
Tip Adjective Synonyms: slant, lean, incline, slant, tilt, cant

Other Words for Tip Over

Tip Over Verb Synonyms: upset, overthrow, knock or cast or throw down, up-end, knock over, overturn, topple (over), capsize

Other Words for Tirade

Tirade Noun Synonyms: declamation, harangue, diatribe, philippic, outburst, onslaught, screed, jeremiad, denunciation, stream of abuse, invective

Other Words for Tire

Tire Noun Synonyms: weary, tire out, fatigue, exhaust, wear out, drain, sap, enervate, drain, wear out, debilitate, weaken, take it out of, fag (out), take it out of

Other Words for Tired

Tired Verb Synonyms: exhausted, tired out, worn out, weary, fatigued, spent, drained, all in, (dead) beat, knocked out, fagged (out), dog-tired, ready to drop, dead tired, done in, knackered, whacked, bushed, pooped, wiped out

Other Words for Tired Of

Tired Of Noun Synonyms: bored with, exasperated by, weary of, irked or irritated or annoyed or bothered by, sick (and tired) of, fed up (to here) with

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