Other Words for Tag Along

Tag Along Noun Synonyms: follow, trail (along) after, tail, shadow, attend, accompany, drag along with or after

Other Words for Tail

Tail Verb Synonyms: rear end, tail-end, backside, buttocks, croup, rump, posterior(s), bottom, behind, hinie, bum, arse, ass
Tail Noun Synonyms: appendage, brush (of a fox), scut (of a hare, rabbit, of deer), dock, caudal fin (of a fish), uropygium (of a bird), pope's or parson's nose, tailpiece, flag

Other Words for Tailor

Tailor Verb Synonyms: couturier, couturiŠre, costumier, dressmaker, modiste, clothier, garment-maker, outfitter, seamstress
Tailor Noun Synonyms: fit, adapt, suit, adjust, alter, accommodate, modify, change, convert, cut, fashion, mould, stretch, accustom

Other Words for Tailor-Made

Tailor-Made Verb Synonyms: ideal, perfect, customized, made-to-order, custom-made, suited, suitable, (just) right, right up one's street or alley
Tailor-Made Noun Synonyms: fitted, custom-made, made-to-order, bespoke, made to measure

Other Words for Taint

Taint Noun Synonyms: stain, blot, blemish, slur, tinge, tincture, (black or bad) mark, stigma, imperfection, flaw, scar, defect, discredit, dishonour
Taint Verb Synonyms: sully, tarnish, stain, stigmatize, smear, harm, hurt, damage, debase, vitiate, blacken, foul, contaminate, pollute, dirty, muddy, smirch, besmirch, blemish, soil, corrupt, spoil, defile, ruin, destroy

Other Words for Take

Take Noun Synonyms: appropriate, arrogate, extract, carry off or away, steal, purloin, pilfer, filch, palm, rob, shoplift, pocket, remove, walk off or away with, run or make off or away with, embezzle, misappropriate, peculate, plagiarize, pirate, lift, swipe, snitch,
Take Adjective Synonyms: grip, seize, grasp, clasp, get, get or take hold of, grab, snatch, clutch, catch, capture, obtain, lay hold of, lay (one's) hands on, procure, acquire, gain (possession of), take possession of, secure, win, carry off, abduct, nab
Take Verb Synonyms: reserve, book, engage, hire, rent, lease

Other Words for Take A Powder

Take A Powder Noun Synonyms: run away, abscond, escape, vanish, disappear, scarper, do a moonlight flit, take it on the lam

Other Words for Take A Shine To

Take A Shine To Verb Synonyms: like, be attracted to, take a fancy to, fancy

Other Words for Take Aback

Take Aback Verb Synonyms: astound, astonish, surprise, startle, shock

Other Words for Take After

Take After Verb Synonyms: resemble, look like, be the spitting image or the spit and image of, favor, remind one of, be a chip off the old block

Other Words for Take Back

Take Back Verb Synonyms: retract, withdraw, recant, disavow, repudiate

Other Words for Take Care Of

Take Care Of Noun Synonyms: look after, attend to, be responsible for, take charge of, take responsibility for, tend, nurse

Other Words for Take Down

Take Down Verb Synonyms: note, make a note or memo or memorandum of, write down, record, put or set down, put in writing, document, transcribe, chronicle

Other Words for Take Down A Peg

Take Down A Peg Verb Synonyms: humble, diminish, lower, subdue, suppress, downgrade, dishonour, mortify, humiliate, put down, abase, debase, devalue or devaluate

Other Words for Take Effect

Take Effect Noun Synonyms: become operative or operational, come into force, begin or start to work or function or operate

Other Words for Take Flight

Take Flight Noun Synonyms: flee, go or run away or off, abscond, desert, depart, (beat a) retreat, exit, bolt, decamp, withdraw, take to one's heels, show a clean pair of heels, light out, shove off, scarper, take a (run-out) powder, take it on the lam

Other Words for Take For A Ride

Take For A Ride Verb Synonyms: delude, swindle, trick, deceive, defraud, humbug, defraud, gull, take in, cheat, bamboozle

Other Words for Take In

Take In Verb Synonyms: accommodate, receive, let in, quarter, board, lodge

Other Words for Take Into Account

Take Into Account Noun Synonyms: notice, take note of, consider, take into consideration, allow for

Other Words for Take Issue

Take Issue Noun Synonyms: disagree, argue, contend, dispute, oppose, take exception

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