Other Words for Topsy-Turvy

Topsy-Turvy Adjective Synonyms: upside down, wrong side up, head over heels, inverted, reversed, backwards, vice versa
Topsy-Turvy Verb Synonyms: chaotic, muddled, jumbled, disorderly, disordered, disorganized, confused, mixed-up, messy, untidy, in a muddle, higgledy-piggledy, arsy-versy, every which way

Other Words for Torment

Torment Verb Synonyms: torture, abuse, maltreat, mistreat, distress, agonize, excruciate, crucify, harrow, rack, pain
Torment Adjective Synonyms: agony, wretchedness, anguish, distress, misery, pain, woe, painfulness, torture, suffering, curse, hell

Other Words for Torpid

Torpid Adjective Synonyms: sluggish, slow, slow-moving, slow-paced, tortoise-like, lethargic, apathetic, indolent, passive, slothful, dull, stupefied, sleepy, somnolent, inactive, inert, languid, languorous, phlegmatic, spiritless, lifeless, listless, fain‚ant, lackadaisical, pococ

Other Words for Torpor

Torpor Verb Synonyms: sluggishness, sloth, lethargy, apathy, indolence, passivity, slothfulness, dullness, stupefaction, drowsiness, sleepiness, somnolence, inactivity, inertia, inertness, languor, laziness, phlegm, lifelessness, listlessness, idleness, fain‚ance, pococurantis

Other Words for Torrent

Torrent Verb Synonyms: stream, rush, flood, deluge, effusion, gushing, outburst, outpouring, spate, inundation, flow, overflow, tide, cascade

Other Words for Torrential

Torrential Noun Synonyms: rushing, streaming, copious, profuse, teeming, relentless, violent, fierce, vehement, vociferous, ferocious

Other Words for Torrid

Torrid Noun Synonyms: fervent, fervid, passionate, intense, ardent, inflamed, impassioned, lustful, amorous, erotic, sexy, hot
Torrid Adjective Synonyms: hot, fiery, sultry, stifling, sweltering, broiling, sizzling, roasting, blazing, burning, baking, cooking, boiling, blistering, blistery, scorching, scorched, parched, parching, arid, humid, steamy, steaming, muggy, tropical

Other Words for Tortuous

Tortuous Adjective Synonyms: roundabout, indirect, devious, intricate, involved, unstraightforward, complicated, ambiguous, ambagious, circuitous, warped, crooked, tricky, misleading, deceptive
Tortuous Noun Synonyms: twisted, twisting, winding, wandering, serpentine, turning, crooked, sinuous, bent, curled, curling, curved, curvy, curvilinear, flexuous, anfractuous, convoluted, involuted, zigzag, maze-like, mazy, labyrinthine

Other Words for Toss

Toss Adjective Synonyms: throw, cast, lob, pitch, fling, hurl, heave, shy, launch, send, let fly, propel, catapult, sling, bowl, chuck
Toss Verb Synonyms: pitch, yaw, wallow, roll, lurch, undulate, plunge

Other Words for Tot

Tot Verb Synonyms: child, toddler, infant, baby

Other Words for Total

Total Verb Synonyms: sum (total), totality, aggregate, whole, amount, total number
Total Noun Synonyms: complete, unalloyed, unmitigated, unqualified, unconditional, utter, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, perfect, outright, downright, all-out, absolute

Other Words for Totalitarian

Totalitarian Adjective Synonyms: absolute, absolutist, arbitrary, authoritarian, autocratic, dictatorial, Fascist(ic), undemocratic, illiberal, monolithic, Nazi, oppressive, despotic, tyrannical

Other Words for Totality

Totality Adjective Synonyms: total, aggregate, sum (total), whole, entirety, beginning and end, alpha and omega, be-all and end-all

Other Words for Totally

Totally Verb Synonyms: completely, utterly, entirely, fully, unqualifiedly, unconditionally, perfectly, absolutely, thoroughly, wholly, consummately

Other Words for Totter

Totter Verb Synonyms: waver, topple, falter, tremble, teeter, sway, rock, stagger, stumble, wobble, quiver, shake, quake, shiver, dodder

Other Words for Touch

Touch Adverb Synonyms: lay a hand or finger on, meddle with, have to do with, interfere with, come near, approach
Touch Verb Synonyms: drink, eat, consume, partake of, take, taste, have to do with
Touch Adjective Synonyms: put (one's) hand on, feel, handle
Touch Noun Synonyms: bring into contact with, apply, put, set

Other Words for Touch Down

Touch Down Verb Synonyms: land, alight, come to earth

Other Words for Touch Off

Touch Off Verb Synonyms: detonate, spark (off), set alight, set off, ignite, light, fire, put a match to

Other Words for Touch On

Touch On Verb Synonyms: refer to, have reference to, pertain to, relate to, have a bearing on, regard, mention, allude to, speak or write of, tell of, bring up or in, raise, deal with, cover

Other Words for Touch Up

Touch Up Verb Synonyms: retouch, patch up, beautify, enhance, titivate, renovate, spruce up

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