Other Words for Touching

Touching Noun Synonyms: moving, stirring, emotional, tender, poignant, pathetic, soul-stirring, heart-rending, heart-breaking, sad, pitiful, distressing, distressful

Other Words for Touchstone

Touchstone Noun Synonyms: standard, yardstick, criterion, reference, benchmark, test, norm, measure

Other Words for Touchy

Touchy Noun Synonyms: (over-)sensitive, supersensitive, hypersensitive, highly-strung, tense, thin-skinned, crabby, crabbed, testy, irascible, irritable, tetchy, temperamental, grouchy, peevish, querulous, petulant, pettish, splenetic, captious, bad-tempered, short-tempered, h

Other Words for Tough

Tough Noun Synonyms: stiff, hard, leathery, inflexible, chewy, fibrous, cartilaginous, sinewy, ropy, wiry, stringy
Tough Adjective Synonyms: hard, firm, durable, long-lasting, wear-resistant, substantial, strong, stout, rugged, sturdy, sound, well-built

Other Words for Tour

Tour Noun Synonyms: journey, travel, voyage, visit, trip, trek, sightsee, cruise, globe-trot
Tour Adjective Synonyms: journey, trip, excursion, outing, expedition, voyage, trek, peregrination, jaunt, junket

Other Words for Tourist

Tourist Noun Synonyms: traveler, voyager, visitor, sightseer, rubberneck(er), out-of-towner, tripper, day-tripper, holiday-maker

Other Words for Tournament

Tournament Noun Synonyms: tourney, competition, contest, match, meeting, event, meet

Other Words for Tousle

Tousle Noun Synonyms: dishevel, disorder, ruffle, disarrange, tangle (up), mess (up), rumple, disarray, muss (up)

Other Words for Tout

Tout Verb Synonyms: hawk, peddle, sell, promote, talk up, push, plug
Tout Noun Synonyms: tipster

Other Words for Tow

Tow Noun Synonyms: pull, drag, draw, haul, lug, trail, tug, trawl

Other Words for Towards

Towards Noun Synonyms: toward, near, nearing, close to, approaching, shortly before
Towards Verb Synonyms: toward, in the direction of, to, for, so as to approach or near, on the way or road to

Other Words for Tower

Tower Preposition Synonyms: fortress, citadel, stronghold, castle, fastness, keep, dungeon, prison
Tower Verb Synonyms: bell-tower, campanile, minaret, pagoda, obelisk, belfry, spire, turret, steeple, flŠche

Other Words for Tower Over

Tower Over Preposition Synonyms: loom, soar, rise, ascend, rear

Other Words for Towering

Towering Noun Synonyms: violent, fiery, burning, passionate, excessive, vehement, intense, consuming, mighty, overwhelming, unrestrained, immoderate, inordinate, intemperate, extreme, colossal, enormous
Towering Preposition Synonyms: lofty, tall, high, soaring, outstanding, elevated, sky-scraping, sky-high, great, impressive, imposing, huge, gigantic, supreme, superior, paramount, extraordinary, unmatched, unequally, unrivalled, unparalleled, unsurpassed

Other Words for Town

Town Noun Synonyms: township, village, hamlet, community, municipality, city, metropolis, borough, burgh

Other Words for Toy

Toy Verb Synonyms: plaything
Toy Adjective Synonyms: trifle, trinket, bauble, gewgaw, gimcrack, knick-knack, bagatelle, kickshaw, bit of frippery
Toy Noun Synonyms: miniature, tiny, diminutive, small, dwarf

Other Words for Toy With

Toy With Noun Synonyms: flirt (with), dally (with), dilly-dally (with), play (with), deal with carelessly, amuse oneself with
Toy With Adjective Synonyms: trifle (with), dally (with), play (with), sport (with), fool (with), fiddle (with), tinker (with)

Other Words for Trace

Trace Verb Synonyms: hint, intimation, sign, token, suggestion, touch, vestige, indication, mark, record, evidence, clue
Trace Adjective Synonyms: dog, pursue, follow (in the footsteps of), stalk, track (down), shadow, trail, tail
Trace Noun Synonyms: investigate, discover, ascertain, detect, determine, find, seek, search for, hunt down or up, unearth, track

Other Words for Traces

Traces Adjective Synonyms: track(s), trail, spoor, footprint(s), print(s), footmark(s)

Other Words for Track

Track Adjective Synonyms: follow, dog, pursue, trace, stalk, shadow, trail, hunt down, chase, tail
Track Verb Synonyms: path, trail, route, footpath, course, road, street, alley
Track Noun Synonyms: line, rail(s), way, railway, railroad

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