Other Words for Tram

Tram Noun Synonyms: tramcar, trolley bus, streetcar, trolley(-car)

Other Words for Trammel

Trammel Adjective Synonyms: impede, hinder, handicap, check, restrain, curb, deter, constrain, block, obstruct, fetter, confine

Other Words for Trammels

Trammels Noun Synonyms: impediment(s), hindrance(s), shackle(s), handicap(s), check(s), restriction(s), restraint(s), curb(s), deterrent(s), constraint(s), hitch(es), snag(s), (stumbling) block(s), obstacle(s), bar

Other Words for Tramp

Tramp Verb Synonyms: step, tread, footfall, footstep
Tramp Noun Synonyms: march, hike, trudge, plod, slog, plough, tread, trek, walk, mush

Other Words for Trample

Trample Verb Synonyms: trample on or upon, tramp (on or upon), stamp (on), tread (on), step on, crush, press, squash, flatten, stomp (on or upon), squish, squush or squoosh

Other Words for Trample On

Trample On Noun Synonyms: violate, damage, harm, hurt, infringe or encroach on, ride roughshod over, set at naught, scorn, contemn, disdain, defy, disregard, ignore, fly in the face of, fling or cast or throw to the winds

Other Words for Trample Out

Trample Out Noun Synonyms: trample down, trample underfoot, stamp out, extinguish, put out, destroy, crush, break down

Other Words for Trance

Trance Noun Synonyms: daze, stupor, semi-conscious or half-conscious or hypnotic or cataleptic or dream state, state of semi-consciousness or half-consciousness or catalepsy or suspended animation or stupefaction or abstraction or (complete) absorption or exaltation or rapture

Other Words for Tranquil

Tranquil Verb Synonyms: calm, serene, placid, quiet, peaceful, still, smooth, unagitated, halcyon, relaxed, unruffled, sedate, steady, regular, even, dispassionate, self-possessed, cool, self-controlled, cool-headed, unexcited, undisturbed, untroubled, unperturbed

Other Words for Tranquillize

Tranquillize Verb Synonyms: calm, soothe, pacify, still, quiet, relax, lull, compose, sedate

Other Words for Tranquillizer

Tranquillizer Verb Synonyms: bromide, barbiturate, opiate, sedative, anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety drug, downer, red

Other Words for Transact

Transact Noun Synonyms: do, carry on or out, conduct, manage, handle, negotiate, transact, administer, discharge, perform, enact, settle, conclude, complete, finish

Other Words for Transaction

Transaction Adjective Synonyms: deal, dealing, negotiation, matter, affair, business, action, proceeding, agreement, arrangement, bargain

Other Words for Transactions

Transactions Verb Synonyms: proceedings, record(s), acta, minutes, annals, goings-on, doings

Other Words for Transcend

Transcend Noun Synonyms: surpass, outstrip, exceed, go beyond, outdistance, overstep, outdo, excel, overshadow, top, outdistance, outvie, rise above, outshine, beat

Other Words for Transcendent

Transcendent Verb Synonyms: peerless, incomparable, unequalled, matchless, unrivalled, unparalleled, unique, consummate, paramount, superior, surpassing, supreme, pre-eminent, sublime, excellent, superb, magnificent, marvelous, transcendental

Other Words for Transcribe

Transcribe Noun Synonyms: copy, reproduce, replicate, duplicate

Other Words for Transcript

Transcript Verb Synonyms: transcription, translation, transliteration, rendering, interpretation, representation
Transcript Adjective Synonyms: (carbon or machine or Xerox or photostatic or xerographic) copy, carbon, duplicate, duplication, photocopy, reproduction, Photostat, dupe

Other Words for Transfer

Transfer Verb Synonyms: move, transport, convey, remove, carry, take, deliver, bring, transmit, cart, haul, shift, hand (on or over), turn over, give, pass (on or along or over)

Other Words for Transfix

Transfix Noun Synonyms: pin, fix, impale, skewer, nail, pierce, spear, spike, spit, stick

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