Other Words for Transform

Transform Verb Synonyms: change, modify, transfigure, alter, transmute, metamorphose, turn into, convert, transmogrify, mutate, permute

Other Words for Transformation

Transformation Noun Synonyms: change, modification, transfiguration, transfigurement, alteration, transmutation, metamorphosis, conversion, transmogrification, mutation, permutation

Other Words for Transfuse

Transfuse Verb Synonyms: instil, transmit, transfer, inject

Other Words for Transgress

Transgress Noun Synonyms: break or violate or contravene or go beyond or exceed or overstep or infringe or defy or disobey (the law)
Transgress Verb Synonyms: sin, trespass, offend, err, lapse, fall from grace, disobey, misbehave, go wrong or astray, do wrong

Other Words for Transgression

Transgression Verb Synonyms: sin, trespass, offence, error, lapse, fall from grace, disobedience, misbehavior, wrong, violation, fault, misdeed, misdemeanour, crime, wrongdoing, infraction

Other Words for Transgressor

Transgressor Verb Synonyms: sinner, offender, criminal, felon, culprit, lawbreaker, trespasser, wrongdoer, evil-doer, villain, miscreant, malefactor, delinquent

Other Words for Transient

Transient Verb Synonyms: transitory, temporary, brief, fleeting, momentary, passing, ephemeral, fugacious, fugitive, evanescent, short-lived, short-term, impermanent, fly-by-night, volatile

Other Words for Transit

Transit Verb Synonyms: moving, movement, travel, travelling, motion, passing, progress, progression, transition, passage, traverse, traversal, traversing
Transit Noun Synonyms: transport, transportation, carriage, haulage, cartage, conveyance, transfer, transference, transferral, transmittal

Other Words for Transition

Transition Adjective Synonyms: change, alteration, metamorphosis, change-over, transformation, transmutation, mutation, development, evolution, conversion, modification, metastasis

Other Words for Translate

Translate Noun Synonyms: convert, paraphrase, change, rewrite, interpret, transcribe, render, decode, decipher, metaphrase

Other Words for Translation

Translation Verb Synonyms: metamorphosis, change, alteration, transmutation, transfiguration, transformation, transmogrification, transubstantiation, conversion
Translation Noun Synonyms: conversion, paraphrase, interpretation, transcription, transliteration, rendering, rendition, metaphrase, gloss, decipherment, decoding

Other Words for Transmission

Transmission Noun Synonyms: transfer, transference, transferral, transferring, conveyance, carrying, moving, movement, transportation, transport, transporting, forwarding, shipping, shipment, sending, transmittal, transmitting, dispatch or despatch, dispatching or despatching

Other Words for Transmit

Transmit Noun Synonyms: send, transfer, convey, communicate, pass on, deliver, forward, dispatch or despatch, post, ship, cable, radio, telegraph, fax, telex, telephone, phone, mail, wire

Other Words for Transparent

Transparent Verb Synonyms: candid, open, frank, plain-spoken, direct, unambiguous, unequivocal, straightforward, ingenuous, forthright, above-board, artless, guileless, simple, naive, undissembling, on the level, upfront
Transparent Noun Synonyms: (crystal) clear, pellucid, diaphanous, see-through, limpid, crystalline, sheer, transpicuous

Other Words for Transpire

Transpire Adjective Synonyms: Sometimes non-standard happen, occur, take place, come about, come to pass, materialize, arise, turn out
Transpire Verb Synonyms: become known, be rumoured, be revealed, come to light

Other Words for Transplant

Transplant Adjective Synonyms: displace, move, remove, relocate, shift, uproot, resettle, transfer

Other Words for Transport

Transport Adjective Synonyms: carry, bear, convey, move, remove, transfer, deliver, fetch, bring, get, take, ship, haul, transmit, send, forward
Transport Verb Synonyms: exile, banish, deport, send away

Other Words for Transpose

Transpose Verb Synonyms: exchange, interchange, metathesize, switch, swap or swop, trade, commute, transfer

Other Words for Trap

Trap Verb Synonyms: snare, pitfall, gin, springe, deadfall, booby-trap
Trap Noun Synonyms: mouth, yap, gob, mush, face

Other Words for Trappings

Trappings Noun Synonyms: accoutrements or also accouterments, panoply, caparison, equipage, apparatus, equipment, paraphernalia, appointments, furnishings, furniture, gear, rig, habiliments, decoration(s), embellishment(s), accessories, frippery or fripperies, adornment(s), tr

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