Other Words for Trash

Trash Noun Plural Synonyms: destroy, ruin, wreck, vandalize, deface
Trash Verb Synonyms: rubbish, (stuff and) nonsense, balderdash, moonshine, gibberish, gobbledegook or gobbledygook, tommy-rot, bunkum, garbage, twaddle, rot, flapdoodle, crap, codswallop, bosh, piffle, hooey, bunk, malarkey, poppycock, boloney or baloney, eyewash, hogw

Other Words for Traumatic

Traumatic Noun Synonyms: shocking, upsetting, disturbing, painful, agonizing, distressing, harmful, hurtful, injurious, damaging, wounding, traumatizing

Other Words for Travel

Travel Noun Synonyms: travelling, tourism, touring, globe-trotting
Travel Verb Synonyms: journey, go, move, proceed, roam, rove, traverse, tour, take or make a trip or tour or excursion or junket or journey, trek, voyage

Other Words for Traveler

Traveler Adjective Synonyms: tourist, voyager, sightseer, globe-trotter, gypsy, wanderer, hiker, rover, wayfarer, Jocular bird of passage, rubberneck(er), jet-setter, tripper, day-tripper, holiday-maker

Other Words for Travelling

Travelling Noun Synonyms: itinerant, wandering, peripatetic, roving, mobile, nomadic, touring, wayfaring, migratory, restless

Other Words for Travels

Travels Noun Synonyms: trips, expeditions, journeys, excursions, tours, voyages, touring, treks, trekking, travelling, wanderings, peregrinations, junkets, pilgrimages

Other Words for Traverse

Traverse Verb Synonyms: cross, criss-cross, go across, lie or extend across or athwart, bridge, intersect
Traverse Noun Synonyms: cross, criss-cross, travel or pass or move over or through, walk, cover, travel (over), roam, wander, range, tramp, tour
Traverse Adjective Synonyms: examine, look into, scrutinize, inspect, investigate, review, study, look at, consider, contemplate, scan, look over, check, survey, reconnoitre, observe

Other Words for Treasure

Treasure Verb Synonyms: wealth, riches, money, fortune, valuables, cash, cache, hoard

Other Words for Treasury

Treasury Verb Synonyms: exchequer, bank, cache, resources, funds, money(s)

Other Words for Treat

Treat Noun Synonyms: handle, manage, behave or act toward(s), deal with,e
Treat Verb Synonyms: entertain, take out, pay for, regale, play host to, wine and dine

Other Words for Treatment

Treatment Verb Synonyms: therapy, care, curing, remedying, healing

Other Words for Treatment Of

Treatment Of Verb Synonyms: behavior (towards), conduct (towards), action (towards), handling (of), care (of), management (of), dealing(s) (with), manipulation (of), reception (of),age (of)

Other Words for Treaty

Treaty Verb Synonyms: pact, agreement, alliance, concordat, entente, covenant, deal, contract, compact, accord

Other Words for Tremble

Tremble Noun Synonyms: quiver, shake, quake, shiver, shudder, quaver, quail, vibrate, rock

Other Words for Tremulous

Tremulous Noun Synonyms: trembling, a-tremble, quivering, shaking, quaking, shivering, shuddering, quavering, hesitant, wavering, unsure, unsteady, faltering, doubtful, nervous, shaky, palpitating, jumpy, jittery

Other Words for Trenchant

Trenchant Verb Synonyms: cutting, keen, acute, sharp, pointed, poignant, penetrating, incisive, biting, mordant, mordacious, sarcastic, bitter, acerbic, acid, vitriolic, tart, acrid, acrimonious, acidulous, corrosive, caustic

Other Words for Trend

Trend Noun Synonyms: tendency, leaning, bias, bent, drift, course, inclination, direction
Trend Adjective Synonyms: fashion, style, vogue, mode, look, rage, fad, craze, thing

Other Words for Trendy

Trendy Adjective Synonyms: fashionable, stylish, modern, up to date, up to the minute, in vogue, voguish, all the rage, hot, now, with it, groovy, in the groove, in, flash
Trendy Noun Synonyms: show-off, clothes-horse, coxcomb, exhibitionist, pseud, grandstander

Other Words for Trial

Trial Noun Synonyms: test, testing, experiment, proof, try-out, trying out, trial run, examination, check, checking, dry run
Trial Adjective Synonyms: try, attempt, endeavour, effort, venture, essay, go, shot, stab, fling, whirl, crack, whack
Trial Verb Synonyms: hearing, enquiry or inquiry, examination, inquisition, litigation, judicial proceeding, lawsuit, contest

Other Words for Tribe

Tribe Noun Synonyms: race, stock, strain, nation, breed, people, seed, (ethnic) group, gens, clan, blood, pedigree, family, sept, dynasty, house, caste, class

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