Other Words for Tribunal

Tribunal Noun Synonyms: court (of justice), bar, bench, judiciary, Inquisition, Star Chamber

Other Words for Tributary

Tributary Noun Synonyms: branch, offshoot, streamlet, feeder, brook, rivulet, run, rill, runnel, runlet, streamlet, burn, beck, creek, NE kill

Other Words for Tribute

Tribute Adjective Synonyms: honor, homage, recognition, celebration, respect, esteem, testimonial, compliment, encomium, acknowledgement, acclaim, acclamation, commendation, praise, kudos, laudation, panegyric, eulogy, glorification, exaltation
Tribute Noun Synonyms: tax, exaction, impost, duty, excise, levy, dues, assessment, tariff, charge, surcharge, payment, contribution, offering, gift, ransom, tithe, Peter's or Peter pence

Other Words for Trick

Trick Noun Synonyms: ruse, artifice, device, stratagem, wile, deception, maneuver, deceit, fraud, hoax, imposture, intrigue, machination, conspiracy, subterfuge, dodge, confidence trick, sham, con

Other Words for Trickery

Trickery Noun Synonyms: chicanery, deception, deceit, guile, shrewdness, craftiness, slyness, shiftiness, evasiveness, artfulness, artifice, craft, imposture, swindling, knavery, duplicity, double-dealing, fraud, cheating, hanky-panky, skulduggery, funny or monkey busines

Other Words for Trickle

Trickle Noun Synonyms: drip, drop, dribble, drizzle, run, flow, spill, ooze, seep, leak, exude

Other Words for Tricky

Tricky Verb Synonyms: deceitful, shady, deceptive, shifty, dodgy, artful, guileful, crafty, duplicitous, shrewd, cunning, dishonest, devious, sly, wily, slippery, foxy, double-dealing, cheating
Tricky Noun Synonyms: ticklish, risky, hazardous, sensitive, delicate, touch-and-go, thorny, difficult, awkward, complex, complicated, knotty, uncertain, debatable, iffy, sticky

Other Words for Trifle

Trifle Adjective Synonyms: little, bit, drop, iota, scintilla, suggestion, dash, dab, pinch, whiff, mite, whit, jot, tittle, smidgen or smidgin, tad
Trifle Noun Synonyms: knick-knack, trinket, bauble, bagatelle, toy, gewgaw, nothing, plaything, bˆtise, doodah

Other Words for Trifle With

Trifle With Adjective Synonyms: dally (with), flirt (with), wanton (with), mess about (with), toy (with), play (with), fiddle (with), dandle, tinker (with), fidget (with)

Other Words for Trifling

Trifling Adjective Synonyms: trivial, insignificant, unimportant, puny, minor, paltry, slight, petty, inconsequential, frivolous, superficial, incidental, negligible, commonplace, inconsiderable, shallow, valueless, worthless, picayune, piddling

Other Words for Trim

Trim Adjective Synonyms: decorate, embellish, dress up, embroider, adorn, ornament, deck out, caparison, beautify
Trim Verb Synonyms: curtail, shorten, prune, pare, lop (off), crop, bob, clip, cut, shave, shear, snip, dock, barber
Trim Noun Synonyms: neat, tidy, orderly, well-ordered, well-groomed, well turned out, well-kempt, smart, crisp, dapper, spick and span, spruce, shipshape (and Bristol fashion), dialectal trig, natty, spiffy

Other Words for Trio

Trio Verb Synonyms: threesome, trilogy, triad, triplex, triple, troika, triptych, triumvirate, triplet, trine, triune, trinity, three

Other Words for Trip

Trip Verb Synonyms: stumble, slip, blunder, false step, misstep, fall
Trip Noun Synonyms: stumble, slip, blunder, false step, misstep, faux pas, error, mistake, indiscretion, lapse, slip of the tongue, lapsus linguae, erratum, oversight, Freudian slip, boob

Other Words for Trip Out

Trip Out Verb Synonyms: hallucinate, freak out, turn on

Other Words for Trip Up

Trip Up Noun Synonyms: trap, trick, catch out, unsettle, throw off, disconcert

Other Words for Triumph

Triumph Verb Synonyms: victory, conquest, success, achievement, accomplishment, attainment, coup, ascendancy

Other Words for Triumph Over

Triumph Over Verb Synonyms: win, succeed, carry the day, be victorious, gain a victory, take the honours, thrive, dominate, prevail, defeat, beat, rout, vanquish, best, conquer, overcome, overwhelm, subdue

Other Words for Triumphal

Triumphal Verb Synonyms: celebratory, rapturous, jubilant, joyful, glorious, exultant, commemorative

Other Words for Triumphant

Triumphant Noun Synonyms: victorious, successful, conquering, winning, undefeated

Other Words for Triviality

Triviality Verb Synonyms: trifle, technicality, non-essential, small matter, unimportant or insignificant or inconsequential or trivial or petty detail, bˆtise
Triviality Noun Synonyms: smallness, unimportance, insignificance, meaninglessness, inconsequentiality or inconsequentialness or inconsequence or inconsequentness, trivialness, pettiness, paltriness

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