Other Words for Trivialize

Trivialize Adjective Synonyms: belittle, denigrate, lessen, minimize, undervalue, depreciate, underestimate, underrate, make light of, laugh off, underplay, dismiss, disparage, misprize, beggar, deprecate, slight, scoff at, scorn, run down, decry, put down, play down, pooh-pooh

Other Words for Trophy

Trophy Adjective Synonyms: prize, laurel(s), wreath, cup, award, reward, honor(s), medal, citation, palm, bays, booty, spoils, gold, silver, silverware
Trophy Noun Synonyms: memento, souvenir, token, record, reminder, remembrance, keepsake

Other Words for Trot

Trot Noun Synonyms: jog, run, bustle, hustle, hurry, hasten, scamper, scoot, skedaddle

Other Words for Trot Out

Trot Out Verb Synonyms: bring out, show, display, exhibit, flaunt, come out with, dredge up, drag out, recite, repeat

Other Words for Trouble

Trouble Verb Synonyms: bother, upset, anguish, alarm, worry, afflict, agitate, disquiet, discomfit, make uncomfortable, grieve, perturb, discommode, inconvenience, discompose, discountenance, put out, burden, encumber, weigh down
Trouble Noun Synonyms: discommode, incommode, impose on, inconvenience, put out, thank

Other Words for Troublemaker

Troublemaker Noun Synonyms: mischief-maker, rabble-rouser, gadfly, firebrand, agent provocateur, stormy petrel, incendiary, gossip-monger, scandalmonger, malcontent, instigator, meddler, agitator

Other Words for Troublesome

Troublesome Noun Synonyms: worrisome, worrying, annoying, irksome, irritating, vexatious, bothersome, distressing, difficult, burdensome, pestiferous, pesky

Other Words for Truant

Truant Noun Synonyms: malingerer, runaway, absentee, delinquent, dodger, shirker, idler, loafer, layabout, skiver, military scrimshanker

Other Words for Truce

Truce Noun Synonyms: armistice, cease-fire, suspension of hostilities, lull, moratorium, respite, let-up, intermission, interval, interlude
Truce Adjective Synonyms: pact, treaty, compact, agreement, cease-fire, armistice

Other Words for Truck

Truck Adjective Synonyms: dealing(s), traffic, business, transaction, trade, commerce, communication, contact, connection, (business or social) relations
Truck Noun Synonyms: merchandise, commodities, goods, stock, wares, stuff, odds and ends, sundries, junk, rubbish, trash

Other Words for Truckle

Truckle Noun Synonyms: be obsequious, toady, defer, bow, scrape, genuflect, salaam, drop to the ground or to (one's) knees or down on (one's) knees, submit, yield, cower, cringe, grovel, crawl, quail, fawn (on or upon), butter up, fall all over, lick (someone's)

Other Words for Truculent

Truculent Noun Synonyms: surly, sullen, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, unpleasant, nasty, obstreperous, rude, unpleasant, ferocious, fierce, savage, feral, barbarous, harsh, scathing, virulent, combative, belligerent, antagonistic, bellicose, hostile, contentious, warlike, violent,

Other Words for True

True Noun Synonyms: accurate, correct, truthful, faithful, literal, authentic, veracious, actual, factual, realistic, genuine, right, valid, unelaborated, unvarnished, unadulterated, verified, verifiable
True Verb Synonyms: truly, truthfully, honestly, accurately, candidly, frankly, sincerely, straightforwardly
True Adjective Synonyms: exactly, correctly, geographically

Other Words for Truism

Truism Adjective Synonyms: commonplace, platitude, bromide, axiom, clich‚, maxim

Other Words for Truly

Truly Adverb Synonyms: truthfully, actually, really, honestly, in fact, in truth, in actuality, in reality, in all honesty, sincerely, genuinely

Other Words for Trunk

Trunk Noun Synonyms: main stem, stalk, stock, bole
Trunk Adverb Synonyms: torso, body

Other Words for Trust

Trust Noun Synonyms: confidence, reliance, faith, conviction, certitude, certainty, sureness, positiveness, assurance, belief

Other Words for Trusting

Trusting Noun Synonyms: trustful, unsuspicious, confiding, confident, unsuspecting, naive, innocent, gullible, incautious, credulous

Other Words for Trustworthy

Trustworthy Noun Synonyms: reliable, trusty, dependable, accurate, responsible, steady, steadfast, loyal, faithful, (tried and) true, honourable, honest, ethical, principled, moral, incorruptible

Other Words for Truth

Truth Verb Synonyms: genuineness, reality, actuality, correctness, accuracy, fact

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