Other Words for Tweak

Tweak Noun Synonyms: pinch, nip, twitch, squeeze, jerk, grip

Other Words for Twee

Twee Noun Synonyms: precious, sweet, sentimental, quaint, dainty, cute, mignon(ne), bijou

Other Words for Twiddle

Twiddle Verb Synonyms: play with, twirl, fiddle (with), wiggle, juggle, toy with, fidget with, fool with, mess with, monkey with

Other Words for Twig

Twig Verb Synonyms: sprig, stem, shoot, offshoot, branchlet, stick, sucker, sprout, withe or withy, tendril
Twig Noun Synonyms: understand, grasp, fathom, get, comprehend, see, know, sense, divine, catch on, be or get or become wise to, tumble to, rumble, dig

Other Words for Twighlight

Twighlight Verb Synonyms: decline, wane, waning, ebb, downturn, down-swing, slump, decay, weakening, declination, diminution
Twighlight Noun Synonyms: evening, crepuscular, dimming, darkening, darkish, darksome, shadowy, shady, dim, dark, obscure, sombre, gloomy, darkling

Other Words for Twighlight Zone

Twighlight Zone Adjective Synonyms: limbo

Other Words for Twilight

Twilight Adjective Synonyms: dusk, sunset, gloaming, sundown, half-light, crepuscule or crepuscle

Other Words for Twin

Twin Adjective Synonyms: double, clone, duplicate, look-alike, counterpart, ringer

Other Words for Twine

Twine Noun Synonyms: cord, string, rope, cable, yarn
Twine Adjective Synonyms: entwine, braid, twist, intertwine, curl, wreathe, spiral, wind, weave, interweave, encircle, wrap

Other Words for Twinge

Twinge Verb Synonyms: stab, pang, cramp, spasm, pinch, stitch, (sharp) pain, prick, bite, gripe
Twinge Noun Synonyms: pang, pain

Other Words for Twinkle

Twinkle Verb Synonyms: scintillate, sparkle, coruscate, glitter, shimmer, wink, flicker, glisten, glint, flash, fulgurate, spark, dance, blink, shine, gleam
Twinkle Noun Synonyms: twinkling, scintillation, scintillating, sparkle, sparkling, coruscation, coruscating, glitter, glittering, shimmer, shimmering, winking, flicker, flickering, glistening, glint, flash, flashing, fulguration, spark, sparking, dancing, blinking, shine, shin

Other Words for Twinkling

Twinkling Noun Synonyms: (split) second, flash, twinkling or wink of an eye, instant, trice, jiffy, two shakes (of a lamb's tail), tick

Other Words for Twirl

Twirl Verb Synonyms: spin, whirl, rotate, revolve, wheel, turn, gyrate, twist, wind (about or around)
Twirl Noun Synonyms: twirling, spin, spinning, whirl, whirling, turn, turning, revolution

Other Words for Twist

Twist Verb Synonyms: plait, braid, weave, entwine, intertwine, twine, interweave, pleach, splice, wreathe, interlace
Twist Noun Synonyms: distort, warp, contort, pervert, alter, change, slant, bias, color, falsify, misquote, misstate, garble, miscite, misrepresent, violate, misinterpret, mistranslate, misunderstand, misconstrue

Other Words for Twist Ones Arm

Twist Ones Arm Verb Synonyms: force, coerce, make, persuade, bully, pressurize, pressure

Other Words for Twister

Twister Noun Synonyms: cheat, swindler, confidence man or woman, rogue, scoundrel, swindler, trickster, mountebank, deceiver, fraud, impostor or imposter, con man or woman, crook

Other Words for Twit

Twit Noun Synonyms: tease, cajole, taunt, jeer (at), make fun of, banter, tweak, gibe or jibe, chaff, ridicule, mock, blame, berate, deride, scorn, contemn, censure, revile, reproach, upbraid, kid, pull (someone's) leg

Other Words for Twitter

Twitter Noun Synonyms: peep, cheep, tweet, chirp, warble, trill, chirrup, chatter
Twitter Verb Synonyms: peep, peeping, cheep, cheeping, twittering, tweet, tweeting, chirrup, chirruping, chirp, chirping, warble, warbling, trill, trilling

Other Words for Two-Faced

Two-Faced Verb Synonyms: double-dealing, hypocritical, duplicitous, dissembling, deceitful, Janus-faced, treacherous, dishonest, untrustworthy, insincere, scheming, designing, crafty, Machiavellian, sly, perfidious, lying, mendacious

Other Words for Tycoon

Tycoon Verb Synonyms: mogul, magnate, baron, financier, (multi)millionaire, billionaire, merchant prince, potentate, big shot, (big-time) operator, wheeler-dealer, big-timer, big wheel, big cheese

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