Other Words for Tariff

Tariff Verb Synonyms: tax, assessment, duty, excise, levy, impost, toll, rate
Tariff Adjective Synonyms: schedule (of charges), price-list, bill of fare, menu

Other Words for Tarnish

Tarnish Adjective Synonyms: sully, disgrace, taint, blacken, blemish, stain, blot, soil, spot, dirty, contaminate, defame, injure, spoil, ruin, damage, harm, hurt, stigmatize, debase, degrade, denigrate, dishonour, asperse, calumniate

Other Words for Tarry

Tarry Noun Synonyms: delay, pause, wait, linger, loiter, stall, procrastinate, dawdle, bide one's time, temporize, hang back, hang on or about or (a)round

Other Words for Tart

Tart Verb Synonyms: biting, bitter, caustic, acid, corrosive, mordant, astringent, acrimonious, trenchant, harsh, scathing, stinging, acerbic, incisive, cutting, keen,barbed, nasty, curmudgeonly, testy, crusty, abusive, virulent, sarcastic, sardonic, satiric(al), vicious, cy
Tart Noun Synonyms: sour, acidic, acidulous, acidulated, lemony, citrusy, vinegary, acetous, acescent, sharp, tangy, astringent, acerb, acerbic, acrid, bitter, pungent, piquant, harsh

Other Words for Task

Task Adjective Synonyms: duty, assignment, business, job, charge, stint, mission, work, chore, undertaking

Other Words for Taste

Taste Noun Synonyms: drop, dash, pinch, touch, hint, suggestion, grain, trace, bit, flavor, savor, relish, tang

Other Words for Tasteful

Tasteful Noun Synonyms: in good taste, decorous, refined, finished, tactful, polite, polished, restrained, correct, harmonious, fitting, fit, proper, discriminating, aesthetic, discriminative, fastidious, cultivated, comme il faut, elegant, graceful, charming

Other Words for Tasteless

Tasteless Noun Synonyms: in bad or poor taste, garish, gaudy, loud, tawdry, meretricious, cheap, flashy, unrefined, inelegant, unaesthetic, improper, wrong, indecorous, indelicate, uncultivated, uncouth, uncultured, gauche, boorish, maladroit, distasteful, unsavoury, coarse, crud
Tasteless Verb Synonyms: insipid, bland, dull, flat, watery, vapid, flavourless, unsavoury, wishy-washy

Other Words for Tasty

Tasty Verb Synonyms: delicious, delectable, luscious, flavorous, flavoursome, flavourful, savory, toothsome, palatable, appetizing, sapid, mouth-watering, ambrosial, yummy, scrumptious

Other Words for Tattered

Tattered Adjective Synonyms: ragged, torn, shredded, rent, threadbare

Other Words for Tatters

Tatters Adjective Synonyms: scrap(s), rag(s), shred(s), bit(s), piece(s)

Other Words for Tattle

Tattle Adjective Synonyms: blab, tell, reveal or divulge, give away secrets, squeal
Tattle Noun Synonyms: gossip, prattle, prate, babble, chatter, jabber, blather or blether, natter, witter, yack

Other Words for Taunt

Taunt Adjective Synonyms: jeer, gibe, brickbat, insult, scoff, derision, sneer, slap (in the face), raspberry, dig, Bronx cheer
Taunt Noun Synonyms: tease, jeer (at), flout, twit, mock, torment, annoy, make fun or sport of, poke fun at, deride, sneer (at), scoff (at), insult, ridicule, burlesque, lampoon, ride, kid, rib, roast, put down, guy, bug, rag, hassle, get on (someone's

Other Words for Taut

Taut Verb Synonyms: tight, tense, strained, stretched, rigid, stiff

Other Words for Tautology

Tautology Verb Synonyms: repetition, redundancy, battology, pleonasm, iteration, tautologism, repetitiousness, repetitiveness, wordiness, prolixity, verbiage, verbosity, long-windedness

Other Words for Tawdry

Tawdry Noun Synonyms: gaudy, cheap, flashy, brummagem, showy, meretricious, garish, loud, tatty, tinsel, tinselly, plastic, tinny, shabby, tacky, cheapjack

Other Words for Tax

Tax Adjective Synonyms: levy, impost, duty, tariff, assessment, tribute, toll, excise, customs, charge, contribution, scot, tithe, octroi, cess, rate(s), dues
Tax Noun Synonyms: assess, exact, demand, charge, impose or levy a tax (on), tithe

Other Words for Taxi

Taxi Noun Synonyms: drive, ride (on the ground)
Taxi Adjective Synonyms: taxi-cub, cab, hackney, hack

Other Words for Teach

Teach Noun Synonyms: instruct (in), inform (about), communicate (to), educate, guide, train, tutor, coach, enlighten, edify, indoctrinate, inculcate, instil, school in, demonstrate, show, familiarize or acquaint with, give lessons (in) (to), drill, discipline

Other Words for Teacher

Teacher Verb Synonyms: schoolteacher, educator, instructor, professor, doctor, tutor, fellow, lecturer, master, mistress, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, coach, trainer, guide, mentor, guru, cicerone, counsellor, advisor, educationist, don, dominie, docent, s

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