Other Words for Team

Team Noun Synonyms: side, line-up, group, band, gang, body, crew, party, troupe

Other Words for Team Up

Team Up Verb Synonyms: join (up or together), band or get or work together, unite, combine, link (up), cooperate, collaborate, conspire

Other Words for Tear

Tear Noun Synonyms: pull, snatch, wrench
Tear Verb Synonyms: rip, rend, rive, rupture, pull apart, shred, mutilate, mangle, claw, split, divide, separate, sever

Other Words for Tearful

Tearful Verb Synonyms: weeping, crying, in tears, sobbing, whimpering, dewy-eyed, blubbering, snivelling, lachrymose, weepy

Other Words for Tease

Tease Verb Synonyms: bait, taunt, torment, harass, bedevil, bother, nettle, plague, chaff, pester, annoy, irritate, needle, goad, badger, provoke, vex, twit, tantalize, frustrate, aggravate, guy, pick on, rib, drive mad or crazy, drive up the wall, ta

Other Words for Technical

Technical Noun Synonyms: complex, complicated, detailed, intricate, specialized
Technical Adjective Synonyms: mechanical, applied, industrial, polytechnic, technologic(al)

Other Words for Technique

Technique Verb Synonyms: technic, method, approach, manner, mode, fashion, style, procedure, system, tack, line, modus operandi, standard operating procedure, MO (= 'modus operandi'), SOP (= 'standard operating procedure')

Other Words for Tedious

Tedious Adjective Synonyms: over-long, long-drawn-out, prolonged, endless, unending, monotonous, unchanging, changeless, unvarying, laborious, long-winded, wearing, wearying, wearisome, tiring, exhausting, fatiguing, tiresome, boring, dreary, dull, dry-as-dust, drab, colourless, vap

Other Words for Tedium

Tedium Adjective Synonyms: tediousness, monotony, changelessness, invariability, long-windedness, wearisomeness, tiresomeness, boredom, ennui, dreariness, dullness, drabness, colourlessness, vapidity, insipidity, insipidness, two-dimensionality, banality, routine, repetitiousness

Other Words for Teem

Teem Noun Synonyms: pour, rain, stream (down), come down (in buckets), bucket down, rain or pour cats and dogs

Other Words for Teem With

Teem With Noun Synonyms: proliferate (with), be prolific (with), abound, be abundant, swarm (with), be alive (with), crawl (with), bristle (with), overflow (with), overrun (with), be full (of), brim (with)

Other Words for Teenager

Teenager Adjective Synonyms: adolescent, youth, boy, girl, young man, young lady, juvenile, minor, kid

Other Words for Teeter

Teeter Noun Synonyms: balance, wobble, rock, sway, totter, waver, tremble, stagger

Other Words for Telegram

Telegram Verb Synonyms: cable, cablegram, radiogram, radio-telegram, wire, telex, (In France) bleu, pneu, trade mark Telemessage, trade mark Mailgram

Other Words for Telephone

Telephone Verb Synonyms: handset, phone, blower, horn
Telephone Noun Synonyms: phone, ring (up), call (up), give (someone) a ring or a call, get (someone) on the blower or the horn, give (someone) a tinkle or a buzz, buzz

Other Words for Telescope

Telescope Verb Synonyms: spyglass, glass, refracting telescope, reflecting telescope, radio telescope
Telescope Noun Synonyms: shorten, compress, abbreviate, curtail, condense, summarize, , digest, tighten (up), boil down, abridge, truncate, abstract

Other Words for Television

Television Verb Synonyms: TV, video (receiver), small screen, box, idiot box, telly, boob tube, tube, goggle-box

Other Words for Tell

Tell Verb Synonyms: say, mention, hint at, refer to, touch on, utter, state, declare, proclaim, announce, publish, broadcast, communicate, make known, report, impart, indicate, release, break, let (something) be known, advertise, trumpet, herald, bring to
Tell Noun Synonyms: relate, narrate, recount, recite

Other Words for Tell On

Tell On Verb Synonyms: tattle on, blab about, grass on

Other Words for Telling

Telling Verb Synonyms: effective, effectual, influential, weighty, important, powerful, forceful, potent, significant, considerable, striking

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