Other Words for Temper

Temper Verb Synonyms: mood, disposition, temperament, humour, state or frame of mind, character, personality, nature, make-up, constitution
Temper Adjective Synonyms: ill humour, ill temper, foul temper, irascibility, irritability, petulance, volatility, peevishness, huffishness, surliness, churlishness, hotheadedness, hot-bloodedness
Temper Noun Synonyms: composure, self-control, self-possession, calmness, equanimity, balance, sang-froid, coolness, cool

Other Words for Temperamental

Temperamental Noun Synonyms: moody, sensitive, touchy, hypersensitive, volatile, irascible, irritable, petulant, testy, short-tempered, hot-tempered, hotheaded, hot-blooded, excitable, explosive, on a short fuse or fuze, capricious, impatient, bad-humoured, curt, brusque, short, g

Other Words for Temperance

Temperance Verb Synonyms: (self-)restraint, moderation, (self-)control, forbearance, (self-)discipline, continence

Other Words for Temperate

Temperate Adjective Synonyms: moderate, reasonable, (self-)restrained, disciplined, controlled, forbearing, reasonable, sensible, sane, rational, not excessive, composed, steady, stable, even-tempered, equable, sober, sober-sided, sober-minded, mild, dispassionate, unimpassioned, cool

Other Words for Tempest

Tempest Noun Synonyms: storm, wind-storm, hailstorm, rainstorm, hurricane, typhoon, tornado, cyclone, squall, thunderstorm

Other Words for Tempestuous

Tempestuous Adjective Synonyms: stormy, wild, uncontrolled, uncontrollable, disrupting, disruptive, turbulent, tumultuous, riotous, chaotic, uproarious, boisterous, frantic, frenzied, frenetic, furious, wrathful, vehement, fiery, impassioned, fierce

Other Words for Template

Template Adjective Synonyms: templet, pattern, mould, guide, model, die

Other Words for Temple

Temple Noun Synonyms: place or house of worship, holy place, house of God, church, synagogue, mosque, pagoda, cathedral, sanctuary, chapel, shrine, Yiddish shul or schul

Other Words for Tempo

Tempo Noun Synonyms: cadence, rhythm, beat, time, pulse, metre, measure, pace, speed, rate

Other Words for Temporal

Temporal Adjective Synonyms: earthly, terrestrial, terrene, mundane, worldly, non-spiritual, non-clerical, lay, laic(al), secular, non-religious, non-ecclesiastic(al), material, civil, profane, fleshly, mortal

Other Words for Temporarily

Temporarily Noun Synonyms: for the time being, in the interim, pro tem, in or for the meantime or the meanwhile, for now

Other Words for Temporary

Temporary Noun Synonyms: impermanent, makeshift, stopgap, stand-by, provisional, pro tem, transitory, transient, fleeting, fugitive, passing, ephemeral, temporal, evanescent, short-lived, momentary

Other Words for Tempt

Tempt Adverb Synonyms: lead, induce, persuade, prompt, move, incline, dispose
Tempt Adjective Synonyms: attract, entice, lure, allure, draw (in), invite, lead on, whet (one's) appetite, seduce, captivate, persuade, coax, cajole

Other Words for Temptation

Temptation Adjective Synonyms: tempting, enticing, leading on, seducing, captivating, persuading, coaxing, cajoling

Other Words for Tempting

Tempting Verb Synonyms: seductive, enticing, inviting, alluring, captivating, attractive, tantalizing, appealing, irresistible, titillating, fetching, winsome, prepossessing, ravishing, voluptuous, sensuous, sexy, foxy

Other Words for Temptress

Temptress Verb Synonyms: seductress, vamp, siren, femme fatale, coquette, flirt, enchantress, sorceress, Circe, sexpot, man-eater, foxy lady, fox, mantrap

Other Words for Tenable

Tenable Noun Synonyms: defensible, supportable, justifiable, maintainable, workable, viable, defendable, plausible, reasonable, rational, arguable, believable, credible, creditable, imaginable, conceivable, possible

Other Words for Tenacious

Tenacious Noun Synonyms: clinging (to), grasping, maintaining, keeping (up), staying with, retentive (of), persisting or persistent (in), retaining
Tenacious Adjective Synonyms: persistent, dogged, unfaltering, pertinacious, unswerving, determined, diligent, resolute, staunch, stalwart, steadfast, strong, sturdy, unwavering, strong-willed, strong-minded, unshaken, unshakeable or unshakable, obstinate, intransigent, stubborn, adam

Other Words for Tenacity

Tenacity Adjective Synonyms: tenaciousness, persistence, doggedness, perseverance, pertinacity, determination, grit, diligence, resoluteness, resolution, purposefulness, resolve, staunchness, steadfastness, stamina, assiduity, sedulousness, strength, strong-mindedness, unshakeability

Other Words for Tenancy

Tenancy Adjective Synonyms: occupancy, occupation, possession, tenure

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