Other Words for Tenant

Tenant Adjective Synonyms: occupant, lessee, renter, leaseholder, occupier, resident, inhabitant

Other Words for Tend

Tend Noun Synonyms: be inclined or disposed, be liable or apt or likely, incline, lean, have or show or exhibit or demonstrate a tendency, favor, verge, gravitate, be biased, be prone

Other Words for Tendency

Tendency Noun Synonyms: inclination, bent, leaning, disposition, propensity, predisposition, proclivity, predilection, susceptibility, proneness, readiness, partiality, affinity, bias, drift, direction, trend, movement

Other Words for Tender

Tender Adjective Synonyms: gentle, soft, delicate, light, sensitive, soothing
Tender Verb Synonyms: chewable, edible, eatable, soft
Tender Noun Synonyms: sensitive, delicate, fragile, frail, infirm, unstable, shaky, weak, feeble, unwell, sickly, ailing, unsound

Other Words for Tenet

Tenet Noun Synonyms: belief, credo, creed, article of faith, ideology, precept, conviction, principle, dogma, idea, opinion, position, view, viewpoint, maxim, axiom, canon, teaching, doctrine

Other Words for Tenor

Tenor Noun Synonyms: drift, tone, spirit, essence, character, gist, bias, import, substance, effect, significance, meaning, sense, connotation, theme, thread, implication, inference, intent, purpose, tendency, purport, direction

Other Words for Tense

Tense Noun Synonyms: taut, strained, stiff, under tension, rigid

Other Words for Tension

Tension Adjective Synonyms: stress, tightness, tautness, strain, pull, traction, pressure, tenseness, force

Other Words for Tentative

Tentative Adjective Synonyms: experimental, speculative, exploratory, probative, trial, provisional

Other Words for Tenuous

Tenuous Verb Synonyms: thin, slender, thin, fine, attenuated, delicate, gossamer, diaphanous, fragile
Tenuous Noun Synonyms: flimsy, insubstantial or unsubstantial, paltry, weak, feeble, frail, meager, vague, negligible, insignificant, trifling, sketchy, hazy, nebulous, dubious, doubtful, shaky

Other Words for Tenure

Tenure Adjective Synonyms: possession, holding, occupancy, incumbency, tenantry, tenancy, occupation, residency, residence

Other Words for Tepid

Tepid Adjective Synonyms: lukewarm, warmish

Other Words for Term

Term Adjective Synonyms: sitting, stint, session, course, incumbency, administration
Term Noun Synonyms: name, title, designation, appellation, word, expression, locution, phrase

Other Words for Terminal

Terminal Noun Synonyms: closing, concluding, terminating, ending, final, ultimate, extreme, maximum, greatest
Terminal Adjective Synonyms: connection, wire, connector, coupler, coupling, conductor
Terminal Verb Synonyms: keyboard, monitor, position, station, VDU (= 'visual display unit'), PC (= 'personal computer'), module, CRT (= 'cathode ray tube'), screen, (control) panel

Other Words for Terminate

Terminate Adjective Synonyms: stop, end, come to an end, finish, put an end to, cease, conclude, discontinue, drop, abort, bring to an end or a close, wind up or down, sign off, cut off

Other Words for Termination

Termination Noun Synonyms: end, ending, stop, stopping, stoppage, ceasing, cessation, discontinuation, abortion, wind-up, winding up, close, finish, finishing, conclusion

Other Words for Terminology

Terminology Noun Synonyms: nomenclature, vocabulary, language, words, locutions, wording, terms, phraseology, phrasing, jargon, shop-talk, argot, cant, lingo

Other Words for Terms

Terms Adjective Synonyms: condition(s), provision(s), article(s), clause(s), proviso(s), stipulation(s), qualification(s), assumption(s)
Terms Noun Synonyms: payment, schedule, rates

Other Words for Terrain

Terrain Verb Synonyms: topography, landscape, ground, territory

Other Words for Terrestrial

Terrestrial Noun Synonyms: earthly, earthbound, worldly, terrene, tellurian or telluric, global, sublunary, subastral, mundane

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