Other Words for Table

Table Adjective Synonyms
plain, flatland, mesa, tableland, plateau, steppe
The area is barren lava table from horizon to horizon.

Table Noun Synonyms
food, victuals, provender, comestible, edibles, eatables, fare, board, provisions
One can rely on a fine table at Mrs. mcguire's.

submit, present, offer, proffer, bring forward, bring up, propose
The bill will be tabled for action today.

shelve, postpone, defer, suspend, put off, stay, pigeon-hole, mothball, put on ice
When the bill came up we tabled it for six months.

(tabular or columnar) list or listing, register, record, tabulation, chart, catalogue, index, inventory, itemization, , table of contents
The figures are easier to understand when arranged in a table.

More Words for Table

Board / Offer / Chart / Present / Index / Record / Stay / Food / Register

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