Other Words for Tacit

Tacit Adjective Synonyms
unspoken, undeclared, unsaid, unstated, unvoiced, unuttered, silent, understood, unexpressed, implied, implicit
The sisters have a tacit agreement not to poach each other's boyfriends. He gave me a look of tacit gratitude.


Entertainment / Literature / Comitatus: (Latin: companionship or 'band'): The term describes the tribal structure of the Anglo-Saxons and other Germanic tribes in which groups of men would swear fealty to a hlaford (lord) in exchange for fo MORE

Roman Imperial Period

Entertainment / Literature / Roman Imperial Period: After long centuries of representative democracy, within only a few generations, power in Roman government first collapsed into unofficial triumvirates and ultimately into dictatorships. Although Juli MORE

Lock-Up Cds

Business / Finance / Lock-Up Cds: CDs that are issued with the tacit understanding that the buyer will not trade the certificate. Quite often, the issuing bank will insist that it hold the certificate for safekeeping by it to ensure t MORE