Other Words for Tack

Tack Adjective Synonyms
tackle, gear, equipment, equipage, harness, saddlery, fittings, fitments, kit, outfit, rig, rigging, accoutrements or also accouterments
He has ordered all new tack for his horse.

pin, attach, fasten, secure, join, couple, unite, combine, stick, fix, affix, staple, nail, skewer, peg, screw, bolt, rivet, baste, stitch, sew, bind, tie, paste, glue, cement, solder, braze, weld
You were only supposed to tack these together lightly, but now I can't pull them apart.

Tack Noun Synonyms
change direction or heading or course , go or come about, zigzag, veer off or away, beat
We tacked quickly to avoid striking the buoy.

Tack Verb Synonyms
pin, push-pin, nail, drawing-pin, tin-tack, thumbtack
Someone keeps stealing the tacks from the bulletin board.

fastening, stitch, baste
Could you put some tacks in the hem so I can try on the skirt.

More Words for Tack

Sew / Stick / Beat / Tackle / Peg / Gear / Bolt / Pin / Fix / Screw / Tie / Nail

Dry Tack Free

Life Style / Painting / Dry Tack Free: That stage of drying when the paint no longer feels sticky or tacky when lightly touched. MORE

Tackle Box

Entertainment / Football / Tackle Box: The area between where the two offensive tackles line up prior to the snap. MORE

Panic Attacks

Science / Psychiatry / Panic Attacks: acute, episodic attacks of extreme anxiety MORE

Nose Tackle

Entertainment / Football / Nose Tackle: A tackle in a 3-man defensive line who lines up 'opposite the center's nose'. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Tackle: A player position on both the offensive and defensive lines; there is usually a left and right offensive tackle, and a left and right defensive tackle. MORE

Charge Attack

Entertainment / Video Games / Charge Attack: Typically found in 2D one-on-one fighters, a move that requires the player to hold the joystick in one direction for a few seconds before executing the attack. MORE