Other Words for Tackle

Tackle Noun Synonyms
gear, rig, fittings, equipment, equipage, rigging, paraphernalia, outfit, tools, apparatus, trappings, accoutrements or also accouterments, clobber
The steeplejack brought along all his tackle and made ready for his climb.

Tackle Verb Synonyms
block (and tackle), fall, hoisting gear, pulley, sheave
You'll need heavier tackle to lift this cargo.

come to grips with, grapple with, approach, take on, try to solve, (try to) deal or cope with, stand or face up to, face, confront, address oneself to, attend to, set about, pursue, take a crack at, have a go at
Perhaps you'd better tackle the parking problem yourself. I'll tackle the boss on the matter as soon as I see him.

attack, fall upon, devour, consume, demolish, destroy
You've seen nothing till you've seen Graham tackle a roast turkey.

More Words for Tackle

Face / Gear / Fall

Nose Tackle

Entertainment / Football / Nose Tackle: A tackle in a 3-man defensive line who lines up 'opposite the center's nose'. MORE

Defensive Tackle (DT)

Entertainment / Football / Defensive Tackle (DT): A player position on defense on the inside of the defensive line and which principal function is to contain the run. When a defensive tackle lines up directly across from the center, he is known as a MORE

Tackle Box

Entertainment / Football / Tackle Box: The area between where the two offensive tackles line up prior to the snap. MORE

Tackle Eligible

Entertainment / Football / Tackle Eligible: A lineman that lines himself up in the position of an eligible receiver. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Beat: When a player gets past an opponent trying to block or tackle him. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Lineman: A defensive or offensive position on the line of scrimmage. On offense, the player snapping the ball is the center. The players on either side of him are the guards, and the players to the outside of MORE