Other Words for Tacky

Tacky Noun Synonyms
sticky, gluey, gummy, adhesive, ropy, viscous, viscid, gooey
The varnish is still tacky and must dry before sanding.

tawdry, cheap, brummagem, gaudy, tasteless, vulgar, shabby, tatty, sleazy, chintzy, shoddy, seedy
Richard consistently buys the tackiest suits on the market.

More Words for Tacky


Tack Rag

Life Style / Painting / Tack Rag: A piece of loosely woven cloth that has been dipped into varnish oil and wrung out. When it becomes tacky or sticky, it is used to wipe a surface to remove particles of dust. MORE

Dry Tack Free

Life Style / Painting / Dry Tack Free: That stage of drying when the paint no longer feels sticky or tacky when lightly touched. MORE

Reactive Resin

Entertainment / Bowling / Reactive Resin: A polymer that is a cousin to traditional urethane; used as the coverstock on most modern balls; it is generally a surface that grabs the lane sooner, resulting in more and earlier hook than other cov MORE