Other Words for Tactic

Tactic Adjective Synonyms
move, maneuver, ploy, caper, plan, strategy, stratagem, device, ruse, plot, scheme, design
Inviting her husband along was a tactic merely to avert suspicion.

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Science / Marine Biology / Geotactic: Moving in response to the earth's gravitational field MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Tactical: A term typically used to describe turn-based strategy games, or action games that require significant degrees of planning and cooperation between teammates. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Phototactic: Moving in response to light MORE

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA)

Business / Finance / Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA): Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol indicating that the stock has warrants or rights. MORE

Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM)

Technology / Radar / Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM): An anti-radiation missile is able to guide itself to destroy a radar using the signal transmitted by the radar. Destruction of the radar or intimidation of the operators is the most positive electroni MORE

Range Gate Pulloff

Technology / Radar / Range Gate Pulloff: Targets being tracked using range gates can attempt to employ a tactic known as range-gate pull off (rgpo) or range-gate stealing. MORE