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Tactical Noun Synonyms
artful, clever, cunning, shrewd, adroit, strategic, skilful, adept, politic, smart, tactful
The general was noted for his dazzling strategies and tactical genius.

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Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA)

Business / Finance / Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA): Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol indicating that the stock has warrants or rights. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Turn-Based: A tactical or strategic game where the player is able to consider moves before making them, much like in a game of chess. Players take it in turns to execute on decisions, rather than play concurrentl MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Anacoluthon : An interruption in a sentence, sometimes indicated by a pause, that is afterwards restarted in a syntactically different way. See also aposiopesis. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Hypallage: Combining two examples of hyperbaton or anastrophe when the reversed elements are not grammatically or syntactically parallel. It is easier to give examples than to explain hypallage. Virgil writes, ' MORE

Abstract Poem

Entertainment / Literature / Abstract Poem: Verse that makes little sense grammatically or syntactically but which relies on auditory patterns create its meaning or poetic effects, Dame Edith Sitwell popularized the term, considering this verse MORE

Risk Premium Approach

Business / Finance / Risk Premium Approach: A common approach for tactical asset allocation to determine the relative valuation of asset classes based on expected returns. MORE