Other Words for Tax

Tax Adjective Synonyms
onus, burden, weight, load, encumbrance, strain, pressure
The admission of fifty new children put a heavy tax on the school's resources.

levy, impost, duty, tariff, assessment, tribute, toll, excise, customs, charge, contribution, scot, tithe, octroi, cess, rate(s), dues
Most people try to pay the lowest taxes they can get away with.

Tax Noun Synonyms
assess, exact, demand, charge, impose or levy a tax (on), tithe
If the government doesn't tax citizens, where will the money come from.

More Words for Tax

Pressure / Demand / Toll

Net After-Tax Gain

Business / Finance / Net After-Tax Gain: Capital gain after income taxes have been paid. MORE

Income Tax Expense

Business / Finance / Income Tax Expense: A state or federal government's levy on individuals as personal income tax and on the earnings of corporations as corporate income tax. MORE

Foreign Tax Credit

Business / Finance / Foreign Tax Credit: A special type of corporation created by the Tax Reform Act of 1984 that is designed to provide a tax incentive for exporting U.S.-produced goods. MORE

Marginal Tax Rate

Business / Finance / Marginal Tax Rate: The tax rate that would have to be paid on any additional dollars of taxable income earned. MORE

Tax-Exempt Sector

Business / Finance / Tax-Exempt Sector: A money market fund that invests in short-term tax-exempt municipal securities. MORE

Triple Tax-Exempt

Business / Finance / Triple Tax-Exempt: A lease providing that the tenant pay for all maintenance expenses, plus utilities, taxes, and insurance. This results in lower risk for investors, who usually form a limited partnership. MORE