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The Adjective Synonyms
drama, the stage, dramaturgy, dramatic or Thespian or histrionic art(s), the boards, show business, showbiz
The theatre is a risky profession.

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Entertainment / Basketball / In-The-Paint: The inside area of the free throw lane is painted a different color from the rest of the court; thus 'in-the-paint'. MORE

Top Of The Key

Entertainment / Basketball / Top Of The Key: The semi-circle that extends beyond the free-throw line. MORE

Bang The Glass

Entertainment / Basketball / Bang The Glass: See the basketball glossary term 'bang the boards'. MORE

Off The Dribble

Entertainment / Basketball / Off The Dribble: A shot taken while driving to the basket. MORE

Theme Cruise

Life Style / Travel / Theme Cruise: A cruise devoted to a specific interest, such as big bands, country western, star trek, exercise and weight-loss, cooking and cuisine, and many more. There is usually a theme cruise to suit just about MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Gatherers: Money-collectors employed by an acting company to take money at the admissions or entrances to a theater. MORE